In Eternal Hope and Pursuit of Gridiron Glory

As an Ohio boy at heart and forever a fan of Cleveland sports teams, I’ve been conditioned by a lifetime of game day let downs, defeats, and disappointments to annually at the end of each football season take comfort in the old saw of a saying…

Well, there’s always next year.

But guess what sports fans, this just may be the next year every long disappointed yet always devoted Cleveland Browns fan has been hoping for.

There’s an energy around this year’s team that hasn’t been felt since Bernie Kosar and the Kardiac Kids days before him…

Yeah, it’s been that long.

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To quote from my “About” page…

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it’s an exact quote.

I’d check but my About page is so damn long I don’t feel like going through all the effort.

So, I guess it would be more accurate for me to say:

To paraphrase from my “About” page…

Which I will now do:

I love sports but since I am a fan of Cleveland sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, I often seem bitter and disappointed.

Right now I am extremely disappointed but not so much bitter.

It’s hard to be too bitter seeing how, as many men down they were, they still put such a herculean effort into it and simply just didn’t have enough muscle in the end.

So, congrats to both the Golden State Warriors and the Cavs.

And, like we Cleveland fans always say, and have been saying at the end of each of the Indians’, the Browns’, and the Cavs’ season for every single year I have been on this pretty yet petulant planet of ours (if you want to know how old I am all you have to know is I was born the year after Cleveland won its last professional sports championship):

There’s always next year…


Thank God for the Ohio State Buckeyes!

(And if you want to know my hometown, all you have to know is the hometown of the Buckeyes’ football coach.)


You Make the Call…

My heart says the Patriots only because I do not like repeat champions – unless of course it were the Browns…hey! stop laughing! – but my head says the Seahawks just because their defense is so dominant, Lynch nearly unstoppable, and Russell Wilson the Wizard is a football phenom of magical madness – and seems to be an all around good guy; his work with children with cancer is very heart warming and inspiring.

So, I can live with either team winning but mostly I hope for an exciting game, a great half-time performance (though I don’t know much about Katy Perry except that she’s lucky to have married Russell Brand because when they divorced he didn’t take her to the cleaners by not cleaning out half of her bank earnings), and awesome commercials…

Yup, I’m about as American as one can be when it comes to the Super Bowl, including the nachos, wings, and other delectable Bowls of Super Snacks and other Scrumptiousness.

Yeah, I know…all the issues and controversy surrounding the NFL are very worrisome. That Ray Rice video is just gross and that sort of vicious behavior cannot be tolerated, not just in the NFL, but in all sectors of society. Perhaps we should address this issue further as a #ThoughtfulThursday prompt.

So, in an effort to make an awkward transition from such seriousness as domestic violence to such trivial things as football fun…

Which team do you pick to win? And for those of you truly daring, tell us in the comment section what your final score predictions is.

As for me, I’ll go with the heart and pick the Patriots over the Seahawks by a score of 35 to 31!