Depressing Pasty White Boys Playlist for Melancholic Moods and Writing Inspiration

So, the past couple weeks I've been in a last-minute frenzy (the best way I find to write) to finish the screenplay for a feature film version of Leave. Yeah, we're now - no jokin' - just days away of getting Leave, the short film version*, in the can and we will soon be submitting … Continue reading Depressing Pasty White Boys Playlist for Melancholic Moods and Writing Inspiration


Writing Advice from Questionable Characters

"Hell, man, I know very well you didn't come to me only to want to become a writer and after all what do I really know about it except you've got to stick to it with all the energy of a benny* addict."   ~ Dean Moriarty from ON THE ROAD #amwriting #ofthejournals   *Benzedrine, … Continue reading Writing Advice from Questionable Characters

Table Scraps

What do you do with the scraps of wood that have been cluttering your garage for over a decade?

Well, I make me a highly unsightly yet highly functional bed desk and manuscript holder in an effort to make the sorrowful task of writing a little less sorrowful, and from which I posted this self-aggrandizing semi-selfie (it has my feet in it anyway). Anyway... Write on! #amwriting #screenplays  

Now that I’ve the Time

A couple days ago, I wrote a painfully long post called The Irrepressible Nature of Irony. I mean, dude*, it is a massive monster of a missive. I mean, wow. Anyway, as a mea culpa, of sorts, for torturing you with such interminablely tedious twaddle, I left a footnote that reads: To paraphrase a quote … Continue reading Now that I’ve the Time

THE FIX: A Short Story

Here's a look at the book cover and a brief excerpt (it's about the only parsing of the story I could find to share here that wasn't filled completely with vulgar language - hey, the story involves sailors...what can I say?) of a story about fear, passion, and unrequited desire that I just added to … Continue reading THE FIX: A Short Story

Transformation of a G

He kicks off the covers and reveals the body of a mid-sized, thin but muscularly defined, mid-twenties, African-American male. He does some cat-like stretching and then concludes his ritual with some aggressive eye-rubbing underneath the pillow. While doing so, he seems to notice something strange about his hands. He holds them over his head and … Continue reading Transformation of a G

Is Writing Hard for Everyone or Just Me?

Hey! What's up?! Long time no speak. Everyone surviving these bizarre times okay? I must admit that I have grown accustomed to not blogging or socializing on the internet these past several months. Not that I haven't missed you, it's just nice to be engaged so heavily in the really real as opposed to the … Continue reading Is Writing Hard for Everyone or Just Me?

As the Ch-ch-ch-change settles into the N-n-n-norm…

Hello Friends, As the dust stirred from the confusion of change settles and the realigned way begins to come clear, I find I've little time for the all the mindless but pleasurable (to me) blathering on that I used to subject this blog to. So, instead of having the subtle worry of having to post … Continue reading As the Ch-ch-ch-change settles into the N-n-n-norm…

Since you ask I think this whole Donald…

Since you ask, I think this whole Donald Trump Russiagate investigation is a red herring, concocted by the intelligence agencies and Demoratic hawks to avoid debate on the rush toward war with Russia. I think it is a fishing expedition, like the Whitewater investigation in the 1990s. If you read the news accounts about Trump … Continue reading Since you ask I think this whole Donald…

Speaking of Awards Season…

I nominate so-called, our so-called president's go-to word-choice* for put-downs, for this year's "Best Word" award. Did you catch his last usage of it? The so-called angry crowds... This guy, I tell ya... If he weren't already the president he should really consider being a cheesy reality TV star. Anyway, speaking of put-downs... Merriam-Webster deserves … Continue reading Speaking of Awards Season…

From Author Dave Astor: Guest Literature Post by Donald Trump!

I was considering writing a satire post (i.e., FAKE Post!) with its premise being our so-called president writing it as a Guest Author.

As I was getting set to channel Trump for the writing, I got cold fingers, so to speak, from the damage the channeling might do to my so-called brain; so, I backed slowly away from the keyboard, thought about it for a minute, then made the decision to search around to see if anyone had already done something similar.

I’m happy to have lost my courage to allow my brain to think as a non-reading Trump would and I am awe at the courage author Dave Astor possesses and the risks he was willing to take to share his brain and blog with him, for his sacrifices have allowed us to enjoy this reblogged post of his.

If you’re a reader of such things as “books” that are written with more than 140 words and that may contain troubling brain hurdles such as nuance and non-linear plot and plotless constructs, then you must check out Mr. Astor’s witty and wise blog.


Dave Astor on Literature

This blog will be different today, because Donald Trump demanded to write a guest piece. I told him he doesn’t read literature or know much about it, but he insisted. Anyway, things will go back to normal next week, but until then…herrrrrre’s the illegitimate president:

The Donald (me) doesn’t read novels, but I do read the backs of cereal boxes. Lots of back story, ya know?

Actually, I know a yuge amount about fiction. Not the literary kind — the “alternative facts” kind.

I can’t deal with The Wings of the Dove. Why didn’t Henry James write The Wings of the War Hawk? Sad.

The Red Badge of Courage? Stephen Crane — what a loser. Believe me, I showed more courage getting Vietnam War deferments for alleged bone spurs in my heels, even though I played a ton of sports at the time with no problem. They…

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Trumped Creatively or Creatively Trumped?

I try hard to think of something creative and non-Trump related to post whenever I fire this site up first thing... but obviously I have been and, as long as we continue to live in this alternate reality consumed by such an all consuming reality star presidente, I foresee I will continue to be unsuccessful … Continue reading Trumped Creatively or Creatively Trumped?