Indie Author Book Selection & Review



Oh, the possibilities that become realities when operating on a lunchtime leftover pizza high…

You know, I don’t have a mission statement (hmm…why not, I wonder) but if I did it probably would say something along the lines of this site is here to help you help me help you…


Yeah…I guess we now know why I don’t have a mission statement.

But one of the ways where we both can help each other out is by reading each others’ books and providing feedback on them in the form of Book Reviews.

And that’s all this Indie Author Book Selection & Review thingy really is…

A way for me to find great Indie Author books, read them, and then let everyone who hangs out here and at Amazon and at Goodreads know what I think about them.

No harm no foul, right?

So, Author, now that you know what this IABS&R (pronounced EYEABZER…yeah, I know but since no one has come up with a better name for it, I figure it’s finally time to embrace it) thingy is all about, what do you say?

Can I read your book?