IABS&R Volume 2 Call for Submissions



So, I am going to be finishing up my Current Read, IABS&R Volume 1 selection HANDS OF EVIL by Indie Author Melissa Barker-Simpson, here soon enough and I am going to be in need of another book to read.

So, Author, can I read your book next?

If so, then tell me, and by me I mean us, me and all my Reader friends who stop by here on occasion for a visit…

Tell us a little bit about both your book and your writing self in the comments section below by submitting a short, polished synopsis of the story and a short Author bio.

Include just enough information, and no more, that you think I will need to be compelled to tab right out of my cozy little site here and rush off to find your ode to literary perfection.

And pictures are nice. You know, book cover pictures. Maybe your author head shot, if you’re not too bashful.

Links to your website and Amazon Author page might be helpful, too.

If you have trouble including pictures or anything else you want to include with your submission, send me what you want to have posted through the Contact page and I will do my best to help you out. For pictures, you can send the actual file or you can just send a link to where you have it hosted online.

And put it all together in a nice, neat, easy, yet compelling to read package of a pitch and enter it into the comment section below.

And after you convince me that your book is the book that I will be reading next, I will announce it here with a post and profile it in the CURRENTLY READING section until I choose my next book to read.

Which could be a while since I’m such a slow reader…

Anyway, after I read it, I promise I will write to the best of my ability a flowing (and maybe glowing, but glowing is not guaranteed) review for it here on my blog, as well as at Amazon and at Goodreads.

Please note that submissions with multiple links will automatically be sent to the moderation queue. This is not my doing. I would never moderate comments. And I don’t care how many links you include, I just want you to know that if it is automatically sent to the moderation queue, I will have to approve your submission before it will post.

Sound good?


For those of you not submitting a book, I ask that you please read over the submissions and “Like” the ones that you like best. The final decision will be mine, but it will be nice to know what you all like, too.

And if you like one of the submissions, then why don’t you visit the author’s website and book page and check things out. And maybe buy a copy of her or his book. And if you buy a copy and read it, then you might as well go ahead and write your own review for the book, as well. Right? Right. And if you do write a review for one of the books submitted for this IABS&R Volume 2 thingy, then let me know. I just might like to reblog it here.

My decision for the selection of IABS&R Volume 2 will be announced sometime after I post my HANDS OF EVIL review.

Comments will be closed for submissions after the review has been posted.

Further updates will be posted here as required. The date of the latest revision to this page can be found at the top.

All comments posted to this page
other than book submissions
will be deleted

All questions and feedback can be submitted via email through the Contact page.

Thank you to all who participate in this grassroots effort of ours to profile the work of Indie Authors. You cannot imagine how important this is to me.

Right on?

Write on!

3 Replies to “IABS&R Volume 2 Call for Submissions”

  1. My GRLMy GRL is a fiction thriller telling the story of John J. Cannon a successful San Francisco lawyer who takes a leave of absence from the firm and buys a boat he names My GRL.

    John is unaware his boat has been targeted by a terrorist group to be used to destroy a symbol of America’s greatness. John’s first inkling of trouble is when he wakes up in the hospital and learns he was found unconscious next to the body of the attractive young woman who sold him the boat in the first place.

    John now is the only one standing between the terrorists and the success of their mission.

    The author, John W. Howell has been held captive for over forty years by organized commerce. He was finally released in 2012 to begin writing full time. His novel My GRL has been published by Martin Sisters Publishing and is the first of a John J. Cannon trilogy. The second is now with the publisher and the third in the editing stage. John lives with his wife and rescue pets on a barrier island off the coast of South Texas.

    He can be reached at johnhowell.wave@gmail.com or on his blog at http://johnwhowell.com

    My GRL is available on Amazon http://goo.gl/3bgc0E

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  2. Thank you Kurt for the opportunity to submit once more my novel The Wild Horses of Hiroshima for you and your followers’ consideration as a work you might wish to review. I hope that I have learned some lessons from your previous winner Melissa Barker-Simpson’s stellar performance. She did, if I recall, offer a compelling background to her novel Hands of Evil. In this, I may, in a manner of speaking, come up short as I seem to be of the Kurt Vonnegut school of writing where one never knows where the initial inspiration might lead. He once told of how he wrote a novel in order to find out what some dark-suited men he had spied on a barge in New York harbour were up to. The Wild Horses of Hiroshima began with an image that came to mind of a sumo wrestler looking out his window at an early spring snowfall while in the company of his parrot. It need hardly be said that the working title was not at all the same as what eventually took its place. The wrestler and his pet bird did however remain as did the spring snowfall. This manner of writing suits me very well as it enables the introduction of ideas and feelings in ways that I would never have conceived if I had begun with them as an agenda, so to speak. When I look back at a completed work, I find myself asking, “Where on earth did that come from?” It’s a pleasant and rewarding experience. I would hope that should you and others care to read the novel, you also might say the same. Before I get too far ahead of myself, the following is a brief synopsis of the story and after it, please find, some biographical material. Thank you for your consideration.


    In The Wild Horses Of Hiroshima (58,034 words), Mura, a young Japanese performance artist, introduces with the help of Yoko, her “lover with a gun,” wild horses into the city of Hiroshima as a response to one of the great and apparently intractable challenges of our time: the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation.

    Her understanding of the nuclear challenge is that human society is basically self-centred and in order for its cities not to be indiscriminately targeted despite their cultural achievements, as with Dresden in the Second World War, they need to show themselves valuing the totality of life and not simply their own human interests. Mura’s idea is to fill Hiroshima with wild horses and leave the question to the world, “Would you bomb us again? Would you bomb a city that treasures all of life?”

    The novel begins soon after the Second World War when Jonathan Springborne, an American medic, brings Myeko, his former pen pal, who has survived the bombing of Hiroshima, back with him to America where they raise their son Yukio. Upon her husband’s death, Myeko returns to Japan with Yukio, who becomes a champion sumo wrestler. In his retirement he finds himself caught up in the entanglement of his geisha lady, Satoko, and her underworld client Boss Hirohito, whose vicious jealousy sets in train a series of events that ultimately cause Yukio’s path and that of the performance artist Mura and her boyfriend Yoko to meet at the moment that Yoko is about to assassinate Hirohito. It is a deed that his former Yakuza Boss requires of him before he will agree to exercise his unique power to bring the wild horses into the city. By not intervening, Yukio gives moral license to a killing in a world where questions of morality have no place.

    Japan’s history of apocalyptic visitations – both natural and man-made – and its Yakuza underworld tracing its origins to the legendary samurai who would act on behalf of society provide the cultural background for the phenomenon of wild horses filling the streets of Hiroshima. The moral ambiguities post 9/11 inform the thinking of Mura and Yoko in their decision to do what is necessary in order to enact what they hope to be a transformative world event. Is it a crime or a simple act of justice that enables the realization of Mura’s lawless and imaginative work of performance art?

    My profile has to reach as far back as it can since, in this case, meaning begins there. No one knows my grandfather’s original name. At an undetermined age, he fled Russia’s civil wars in the early 20th century and arrived in Greece where he fashioned an identity for himself that was unique and yet of its place. Xylinides, translating as one occupied in some fashion or other with wood (ξύλο), now supplies the nom de plume for whatever I write. I owe the sentiment of this borrowed name to a man whose choices in the face of historical upheaval and existential threat ultimately provided for the existence of myself and others. He died leaving no other record than his forged identity soon after the birth of his daughter.

    Although I spent my childhood in England, I have lived most of my life in Montreal. Youthful travels found me in Europe and Morocco. An earlier novel The Confessor-Designate has recently been revised and can be found under a new title – An American Pope. I am currently finishing a slightly futuristic novel called The Blade Runner Amendment that owes little to the famous cult film beyond the idea of reversing its policy of not allowing humanoids in human society.

    The Wild Horses of Hiroshima is available in all formats including print and I shall be more than happy to provide a copy should you choose it to review.



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  3. Thanks for the opportunity…

    “The 14th Mansion” is 80,000 words of horror with a heart, suspense with a soul, and mystery with a conscience.

    Four years ago the Montenegro family overcame a clan of soul-consuming ghouls known as ghilan. They haven’t seen or heard from the creatures since. But now their son Ergie is missing and the police have no leads. Out of options, Ergie’s parents Monty and Debbie turn to three unlikely trackers for help — Billy, the gruff repo man and biker, Gator the homeless mute, and Tonya the psychic and former con artist. Can these three troubled misfits overcome their own internal demons and work together to find their missing son? And if they do, will they uncover another plot hatched by the devious ghilan or some other even more terrifying evil?

    On Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00O4Z9EW2

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