Kurt’s love of literature began with Marvel’s Spider-Man comic books as a child and has grown with and within him into an affectionate affair with many of the Greats of Classic Literature, as well as with many of the Greats, both Known and Unknown, of Genre Fiction. His penchant for editing and proofing began as a child with the errors he would find on the backs of cereal boxes he would read while eating his breakfast. To this day, his uncanny knack for finding typos remains (except in his own writing, of course, where they forever elude him most effectively).

Kurt couples his lifelong love for reading, writing, and editing with an undergraduate degree in English and a graduate degree in Human Relations to offer the following Manuscript Consultation Services to Independent Authors, Students, Business Executives, and any other Writer-in-Need who would like to develop a Story Idea or Requirement into a Manuscript or prepare a Manuscript for Publication.

  • Concept DevelopmentWork with Kurt to develop a story concept into a first draft through Brainstorming Techniques; Prioritization Techniques; Thesis (logline) Development; Concept Mapping; Outlining; and other developmental services as required.
  • Manuscript Review & EvaluationLet Kurt review your manuscript and provide a comprehensive literary assessment of its conceptual and technical merits, as well as you provide recommendations for further services, if required.
  • Manuscript Editing & ProofingUpon completion of the Manuscript Review & Evaluation (a prequisite), work with Kurt to receive a comprehensive editing and proofing of your manuscript.
  • Manuscript FormattingWork with Kurt to prepare your manuscript to meet submission formatting requirements for the major online publishing services, such as CREATESPACE, KINDLE, and SMASHWORDS.
  • Cover FormattingWork with Kurt to prepare your book cover to meet submission formatting requirements for the major online publishing services such as CREATESPACE, KINDLE, and SMASHWORDS.
  • Additional Services As RequiredEach publishing project is unique; consequently, the requirements to complete each project will, themselves, be unique. Work with Kurt to meet the needs for these unique requirements.


Kurt will work with you on your manuscript for a donation that is valued at what you believe the service is worth and what you can afford to pay for it. In simpler terms, Kurt will donate his service to you for a donation of your choosing to him.

If you prefer a more traditional business transaction, Kurt’s freelancing services are offered for hire via UPWORK

If you would like to work with Kurt on an Entertainment or Media project, please visit with him at PROSOCHĒ, his Entertainment & Media Production Company. You can see the company’s current project at LEAVETHEMOVIE.COM

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