Poems from the River



About the Book

Just as water naturally follows the course set by the sometimes wayward and often divergent banks of the river, Kurt Brindley’s poems in his debut poetry collection POEMS FROM THE RIVER follow the course set by the sometimes wayward and often divergent life he has led.

From solitary childhood reflections and isolated moments with nature, to the anxiety associated with the unrelenting passing of time and the fear of cancer’s ultimate consequences, to the pleasures and pain of family, friends, work, play, love, hate, life, death, Kurt’s poetry flows as does a river—sometimes with ease and quiet calm, just as a river flows through an isolated gulf’s serene and lazy shallows; at other times with spontaneity and unforgiving force, just as a river flows through a precipitous canyon’s tumultuous and unpredictable rapids; and at all times with undiminished resolve and pure blind faith that the end will justify the means, just as a river forever flows blindly towards some unknown, yet faithfully pursued, grander body of water.

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Reader Review

I bought the kindle version from Amazon Italy. It’s absolutely beautiful. A powerful use of words that spell bind and pull you into a heaving current of shimmering visions. A book of poetry that you’ll return to time and time again.

~ Cid Andrenelli, Author of The Burqa Master

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