Rainy Season


With the heartbroken shards of a shattered past lodged deep within his soul, falling in love is the last thing Rich, a mysterious American expatriate in Tokyo is looking to do, especially with Miko, an alluring jazz club singer shrouded in vague mysteries of her own…

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Tokyo during rainy season, when the sun rarely shines and the days are hot, wet, and long, is the perfect place for a man like Rich, a man who has traveled the world trying to outrun the memories of a bitter past.

Settled now in a street-side apartment, Rich spends his Tokyo days mostly out on the balcony where he leans against the railing, smokes his cigarettes, and watches the rain as it falls upon a sea of umbrellas flowing by on the sidewalk below.

But he spends his nights at The Low Point, a mostly unknown, cozy little jazz club where he is left alone to smoke, write in his journal, and drink Japanese whiskey… a lot of it.

With Tokyo, the largest metropolis in the world, Rich has become, if not happy, then at least content within his self-imposed solitude.

That is until Miko is hired on to perform at the club. With her comes beauty, grace, a magical singing voice, and a large following that turns the once obscure jazz club into the it place to be.

Also with her comes trouble… a lot of it.


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