Poetry Archive

by Pleasant Street

I will miss this
the worrying about you middle of the night
Miss being the one you lean on
little boy now taller than I
sometimes I lean on you
when I’m tired, and you don’t mind
how good you will be to someone
when you are fully grown
though even now so tall
unsure sometimes
you get scared and I get to say
It’s going to be alright.
How will that feel when you
Don’t tell me things anymore
Daily things, mundane
We will be alright won’t we
When you are all grown

by Alice

If I had known other than how a pint
of blood looks, spilled across my floor,
or the exact weight of a body pressing
against mine before I lose even the sound
of my own name —

If I had known other things, I would write
other words, or maybe not write at all.
Maybe I’d have gone in for dog-walking
or philately.

We can all be grateful for small favors.

by Priyanki

It’s OK to feel hurt…
What’s there in hiding tears
What’s there in being brave
Why is it hard to stay strong
Why can’t I overcome the storm
Yes, I know what I should do
I know I need to accept the truth
I know some things can’t change
I know I’ll have to fight & win the game.
That is what I tell all
To smile & fear no one at all
I say to overcome the worst
To stay strong, no ifs & buts
To believe that Yes! You can
To never lose the hope in them
To calm the most angry tide.

This is life, which come with waves
The highs & lows are part of sail
The important thing is to keep rowing
The hands may hurt, the heart may ache,
The eyes may wet & fill up your boat
But dry them off & clear the load.
Load of all kind makes it hard to carry
But the right mind turns the heavy into airy
Don’t let the emotions make you weak
Let them teach you to reach the peak.

After all,
This journey is yours
The pain is yours
The gain is yours
Nobody, but only you can feel it
So why bother the world & worry it
This is life & you have to take it
Laugh or cry you have to make it
giving up will not help,
Even God help those who do self-help.
So be your light & be your own guide
Fight all the problems in your stride
You may be bruised, you may get hurt
Put a bandage & please get up
Push yourself to do your best
And He’ll take care of the rest
Next time you’ll feel less pain
When the storm shakes you, the grip will remain
All those bad times will soon pass
as nothing remains for long you see
Time goes by it never seize
But still if you can’t get through
& feel life is unfair to you
Then change the focus from yourself
Look around & see the rest
There is so much besides you, not to be overlooked.
Your life will find new meanings
If you start looking at fellow beings.

by Ava

O, Midian, dry despised desert place,
Of Calvary, a sort,
Where Self must die.
Here in the soul’s long black night of deep despair
Truth wrestles with my Jacobness of heart.
A bitter struggle in dark desolate Gethsemane. Alone
While others sleep, serene and unaware,
Of raging battleground in Midian,
Where self at last lies, slain.

Lo! Midian, dry despised desert place,
Becomes a womb, warm,
Wherein is shaped of new life, an embryo.
From dry shifting sands of self, now scattered and Son-warmed,
The Creator miracles a moist clay, alive.
Made malleable by Living Water from the Word,
Beneath strong, gentle Hands, is centered, given form
Upon the Potter’s wheel of Love in Kadesh-barnea. Alone
While others sleep, serene and unaware,
That fresh from fire of kiln in Midian,
A vessel lives, newborn.

O, Midian, dry despised desert place,
Birth-room of death
To Self and life to soul,
Where Jacobness gives way to Pottered clay,
That, limping, walks. Contented now to be
In lush Kadesh-barnea, green with joy, or
Dark sorrowed Gethsemane, replete with lonely grief.
An empty, pliant vessel, meet,
For Truth and Love to mold, to work the Master’s will
When soul does battle oft’ in Valley of Decision. Alone,
While others sleep, serene and unaware,
That burning bush still beckons bright from Midian.
To death? To life! To Him!
Only Him.

by Gordon (RoughTradeEditor)

What a beautiful sunset,
I thought.
I used to hate people
who enjoyed
like this,
but I didn’t realize
there is
in distance
in somewhere else.

by giffmacshane

Poems short, essays long
The sailor takes great pictures

by arabpikachu4wp

Captain Commando
Became my childhood hero
Shining like a sun

by 韩瑞雅 (Hán Ruì Yǎ)

in search of I
I travelled so far
to question the nature
who am I?
reached in a valley
at starry dark night.
descending rippling streams
slowly towards me
telling about I,
but I might not sense.
joyless jet giant mountains
standing staring at me
river rushed and groaned
with whispering winds in my ear
but I could not comprehend.
trickling rain splattering my cheeks
telling me my truth
but I would not understand.
I gathered crunchy leaves
and dry cackling stems
to lit a bonfire warming my SELF,
fire fizzle sizzle in front of my eyes
dazing my view as I might loss sight.
a tree crackled with sloshing mud slide
reaching me in speed
but I might be insane.
there came a blue moon
pale yellow beaming
only then perhaps
I understood I.

by andysmerdon

just shut the fuck up!
punching, blood, flesh against flesh.
pain is less when shared

by poulakose

Five feet apart, three strangers between us,
I feel so alone with your hands just inches from mine.

The cold kisses the district and thinks she might stay the winter,
But she feels so alone in this pastel city
With your skin shivering away from her icy grasp.

My hands red and reaching, but not quite daring to touch
Because this frigid air between us is fragile,
The glassy surface warps my face and the words I want to whisper
While you stand near the fire and tell me how alone you are.

This cold is suffocating, freezing lips and lungs together,
Her fingers stroking the Potomac, stirring dreams of California beaches
Beckoning for you, while I stand silent in the street,
Praying to a God I outgrew years ago
For you to stay.

by D. Wallace Peach

Squat on the floorboards
And let your life surge out of you
Hot, sticky, and wailing for attention
Red fisted fingers raised with demands.

Your life wants you undivided
In treeforts and toeshoes
Clarinet howling at the mounting moon
Gyrating disgracefully to an untamed song.

Be luminous, scraped and scarred
In mud and blood and bright green glitter
She wants shameless love to burn her
Brand her with its valor.

She will seethe and storm and slam doors
Strand you with your reasons
Forsake your obligations
And fearsome responsibilities.

Your life would rather be held against a raw heart
With all the ache and passion and mess there
Than sit cross-legged in some therapist’s chair
Wondering why her soul is barren
Why she won’t squat on the floorboards
And bring her life to birth.

by kalabalu

Say it ..rather write it
if you mean it
or remain silent to woes
if you are afraid to speak
as words tend to make foes
Say it but be careful too
think before you ink
one signature can start a war
or close an open door
Say it not or later
But say it with depth
Human Beings are respectful souls
Say it with a properly..i am told

by Rose Red

In the rush of the day
Feeling the sway,
I find a time alone
And kick off the rain;
Not caring
who listens?
Not sharing
who with?
There is a silent part
of each of us
That nobody gets.

We struggle, we strive
I come out alive,
Not nearly unscathed
My burned fingers testify;
Yet I am not dead
And the bones are not broke,
It’s not as if I must admit
The angry words I spoke;

Claiming as mine
That moment in time,
My nearly perfect solitude
At a quarter past nine.

by Priyanki

Look at me, I’m the same
I feel cold & freeze sometimes.

But still I stand here, waiting for that time.
Waiting for your lovely smile & the thankfulness in your eyes.
When in summer the days are hot
and your eyes look for my comfort.
You find me running around in the park,
to shield you from that sun so hot.
Your sigh of relief makes me think,
I’m worth some big thing.

I’m your mornings best walk buddy
With the fresh oxygen that I spray daily.
I peeked inside your window one day
As you lay there watching that play.
I heard them talking about some global warming
And how I can help the world’s economy.
I love those happy faces of your kids
As they win playing hide & seek.
I lay there still, as they order me not to move a bit
as the “IT” will then see me peek.
Those innocent smiles are my reward
staying still doesn’t hurt at all.
I like all those clicking sounds
when you use me as your background.
You keep praising my color green
As you say it’s very refreshing.
I feel like a hero posing for you
when I change color in the autumn hue,
you appreciate my falling leaves
And collect some for your diaries.
Sometimes you all make a big pile
& jump on it for a while.
Oh! its fun that’s what you say, as you keep jumping that way.
When I see your gleaming eyes,
filled with love for me inside
I feel so special & confident,
& so proud of my existence.

When you are upset & have no one to talk,
when you are sick & suffering a lot
you come to me in the greens
They call it Nature healing!
Your kind words & gratitude
fills my eternal solitude.

It’s that time of the year again.
My greens are gone, Yes, I know
My colors are no more to allure you.
I stand here alone bearing the cold wind
As my branches prepare for Halloween.
Don’t be scared, I’m the same,
just here for you to entertain.
You can use my logs to warm you up
As you sip coffee from your cup.
I have been there, I always stood by
Please look, as I need you nearby…
Look at me, I’m your Tree.

Yes, I am. I’m the same.
I need you now, to see me again
To watch me with your love filled eyes
To adore me in delight.
I feel upset when you don’t like my look
I miss my leaves, those chirp & tweets
When times are tough, people leave
Yes, I have experienced the grief.

But still I stand with strong belief that
This is just a phase, this too will pass
Time will change very fast.
But I wish you could understand, I’m the same, Yes, I’m.
Look for my beauty within, I’m the one, who gives & care
who has the power to spread fresh air
You want to plant me more & more
so you enjoy the earth manifold.
I’m modest, I don’t brag all time
Just stay there quietly & benefit mankind.
Come & hug me once in a while,
as it is very cold outside.
I miss your praise , I miss your love,
I can never harm you, I assure.
Just be with me & you will soon see
I’ll spring back with leaves and bloom again in spring…
And shower you with cherry blossoming.
You’ll run to me from far & near
to get that glimpse which is so dear.

So next time when you are sitting sad,
Saying that I depress.
Change your that attitude,
and look at me, filled with hope.
Soon I’ll dress up for you
And give you my most charming look.
But till then there just one request,
If your love is real, true for me,
then love me for my beauty within.
Love me for my soul & heart
coz that’s for what I stand apart.

Yes, I’m. I’m your Tree.
There is life in me too… you see.
And every life has a heart
Heart that hurts, when people leave.
All I want is love from you
To acknowledge that I’m good, however I look.
I’ll be proud of myself then
And stand tall till the end.
and at times when the sun is bright
And you need shelter inside
Come to me & I would bend
And be your canopy my friend…

by Gifford MacShane

where have you gone —
you innocents,
you faery-child changeling?

The golden days and silver nights
are gone
where once you gamboled
Your brightness-eyes are gray
Your holy-songs an elegy
Your tiny, crippled dreams.

Ah, how it was
upon a time
and memory still remains
But can it come again?
and when?
and could it be the same?

For in the darkened corners
of a smile that does not speak
stands suffering
for even then you knew.

Where have you gone —
you innocence,
you faery-child changeling

by Gravis Kartweeler

Where once stood proud and strong, the victor,
bones of the slain and conquered
lay waste in the dust beneath sandaled feet.
Their names, now mere filigree,
etched and then forgotten, on a bloodied blade.

Struck. Stunned. Felled. Broken.
The sting and surprise of the blow,
awesome, yet paled by eventual realization
that the mighty has fallen.
Fallen. Sword never to swing again.

What manner of person remains
when a warrior is stripped of arms?
What manner of employ beckons
to one who claims worth through victory?
A life at peace breeds no peace
for one who craves the fight.

Now behold humiliated, the wounded and twisted remains
of one once valiant and brave.
Confusion clouding movement, unsteady and weak –
former glories unrecognizable to the hero
and to witnesses to the rubble that was once a god.

by staciejordan

My words is liars
my best friends they have said
while kissing my husband
messed up my bed

My words is liars
caress my mind slapped in hate
every damn dripping line
screaming with rape

My words is liars
drenched drunk from the wine
trying to say it clearly
so they know I am fine.

by tamednomad

Father, I want to see you
Your love and care,
Even your wrath I’ve never known
Your life ended as mine begun
Time has not been kind

The longing, the need is
Unquenched, a void unfilled
Ghuroor, they say, have some
Pride, is it? I am incapable
Never knew and never learnt
And time has not been kind

The bombs fell
Good morning, another war
We are greeted with men at arms
Your life sacrificed was not just your own
The suffering survives
Time has not been kind

Fatherless smiling children
Unseeing, unknowing
We are the different
By the boom and bang we are defined
War authors our tales
Thunderous nights,
Mornings full of dread
To wake; Oh, not to wake
Time will not be kind

Their smiles judder
Where is their ghuroor?
The child of woe
No arms to hold her
Time and again, loss and again
Temporary man with his temporary needs
He will not be kind

A race to lay down your life
For your land, your faith, a disservice
Grief is the reward
And time will not be kind

We are the children of war
Unloved, unloving
We are the different
At school, at work, in love
We have been wronged
Ghuroor is not ours to have

Are they tears in her eyes?
Her ghostly smile
Her tainted heart
In time she hopes to learn
To mend her scars with laughter
To love a man truly
Still, he will love his land
To time this is just a game
And he will not be kind

I scream so they will hear
Time will not be kind
Fathers, stay, love and live
Put ours before your love of land
On this wretched land I cry
Why do you not have ghuroor? They ask
Perhaps it can be bought?

Your land, your God
All that you held dear
But not a dime for ghuroor
And I am always poor


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