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Are you interested in sharing your Relating to Humans experiences and encounters through your creative non-fiction, fiction, reviews, poetry, photography, or art in any of its many facets with a large and growing audience?

If so, please submit your original and polished work, which may include photos and sound files/video embeds, by selecting one of the Features listed below and posting your work via the page’s “Say it like you mean it” comment section, as you would a reply to any typical page or post. In addition to being published immediately on the selected Feature page, articles that are well-written and convey a strong message may be selected and profiled within the Blog and/or Newsletter feature. You can see a list of all Relating to Humans articles selected for profile here.



While not all submitted articles will be selected to be published on the Blog or within Newsletter Love, all submissions will remain published on the Feature page it was submitted to for the length of one cycle of three (3) months*, after which the submission will be moved to the Archives.

Please limit submissions to one (1) per Feature per cycle*. In other words, you can have one submission at a time on each Feature.

If you would like to submit new work to a Feature you already have work published to, please advise the Site Master & Purveyor of Fine Goods & Services (if you have no idea who that is, see this) via the Contact page that you wish to submit new work and he will archive it so you can submit your new work.

Please include a title at the beginning and, if applicable, a link to your website at the end of each submitted work.

The shorter the submission the better, but please strive to keep the word count below 500. This leaves more space for other Contributors, and, besides, in this day and age it’s hard to get folks to read anything longer than a tweet.

If you have work you would like to submit but would like it to be reviewed prior to publishing, send it to the Site Master & Purveyor of Fine Goods & Services via the Contact page and I   he will review it for you and provide his feedback.

Only completed work may be submitted. Links to work outside this website, other than in supplement to the completed work submitted, may be deleted.

Please identify “Trigger Warnings,” if applicable, at the beginning of the submission before the title to alert others of sensitive or potentially disturbing content.

All submitted work must be in compliance with this site’s Terms of Use.

Relating to Humans is an open submission format, which means anyone can publish anything without initial moderation. Some content may seem inappropriate or offensive or inflammatory to others. The right is reserved by the Site Master & Purveyor of Fine Goods & Services to remove any content deemed inappropriate in any way. If you feel there is inappropriate material on this site that should be removed, please submit a removal request via the Contact page.

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If you have any content removal or edit requests for submitted content, or if you have questions or feedback on how to improve this Relating to Humans experiment, please send an email through the Contact page. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Have something human relations-related you want to share but don’t see a Feature for which it belongs? Then please make a recommendation for an applicable Feature through the Contact page and the Site Master & Purveyor of Fine Goods & Services will do his best to accommodate your request.

For our Readers, please take the time to visit each Feature regularly and, if compelled to do so, show your appreciate for the work with a “Like.” However, please do not reply directly to the submissions. One of the goals of this feature is to bring exposure to the work of others; consequently, you are encouraged to visit the Contributor’s site and engage with her or him there. All replies in response to any Relating to Humans submissions will be deleted so as to leave the focus solely on the submitted work.

Relating to Humans Submission Guidelines are subject to change without notice. It is the Contributor’s and/or Content Owner’s responsibility to be aware of any changes as they may occur. Submission of content to this site implies consent with these guidelines as published and as may be revised in the future, and with this site’s Terms of Use.