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    by Rana Tarakji

    Many argue that with small psychological tricks and a few positive actions, people have the ability to make themselves feel happier! Although the duration of that subsequent happiness has not been determined exactly, who couldn’t use some quick happiness fixes for the bad days?

    For instance, laugher with friends instantly changes my mood, even during the hard times. It makes me forget what I’m going through for a while, and perhaps remember that I have people around me who love and appreciate me… Of course, pain is meant to be felt eventually one way or the other, but those little laughters, they cheer a person up! What’s better than remembering that life is nothing but a big old joke anyways?

    Finally, science has in fact proven that small measures such as laughing, smiling, giving, loving, meditating, socialising and exercising can help us feel better about ourselves.

    The following infographic elucidates how these small steps can make you happier.

    Click image to enlarge


    Rana Tarakji is a contributing writer at
    Life Coach Spotter

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