Kurt Brindley*, the owner, operator, and editor of KURTBRINDLEY.COM, is looking to partner with authors, artists, musicians, video bloggers, hip hop juggling magicians, and others in possession of mucho passion about their genres and topics of choice, as well as loud and clear writing and artistic voices and styles, to become regular contributors to this site.

Kurt is particularly interested in contributors who have something interesting to say about current events, politics, film, literature, publishing, music, and sports. However, he is looking to share with his audience anything submitted that is compelling and moves him in such a way that leave him inadequate to describe said movement adequately.

If you have something as such to share and you’re looking for a forum such as this within which to share it, please contact Kurt.

If you’re looking for a open environment with limited to no editorial oversight from or by Kurt, please consider submitting your work directly to one of the Relating to Humans features.

Submissions to the Indie Author Book Selection & Review are currently closed.

* AKA the Site Master & Purveyor of Fine Goods & Services