Slowing Down the Synapses

Or, Speeding Up the Reviews Not the primary reason but one of the reasons I decided back in April to take a hiatus from the web was because I wanted to give my brain a break from all the nonsensical chatter that was cluttering it so. I have been having what I collectively call chemo … Continue reading Slowing Down the Synapses


Any Wim Hof fans out there?

If you've never heard of Hof before... prepare to have your mind blown. This dude, known as The Iceman, can withstand the coldest colds and endure the hottest hots for practically as long as he wants all because he can control his mind and, through that, his core temperature, all through a radical breathing technique … Continue reading Any Wim Hof fans out there?

Kurt receiving acupuncture treatment for his many ailments

The Purpose of Pain

When it comes to physical pain, it's purpose is hardly in question: It focuses us to where our immediate attention and action is required. We accidentally rest our hand on a hot, stove top burner and, without our sense of pain, our hand, if it weren't for our sense of smell, would become cooked well … Continue reading The Purpose of Pain


Hey! How about that?! Our good friends over at COPING With Cancer magazine featured an excerpt from my little book HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps in their recent edition. Pretty cool, no? Yes, indeed. You can learn more about the magazine and all the good folks there doing God's work here. You … Continue reading COPING with #CANCER?


So, I was thinking (yes, I understand the risks)... But, I was thinking, just imagine if each of the 25,109 and growing followers of this humble site were to donate just $1.00 to help me fund my film LEAVE... Just imagine how much that would be! Keep in mind that I am a product of … Continue reading BELIEVE IN LEAVE

More Brain Drain Stuff

  So... based on your very kind, honest, and funny feedback to my last post, it appears that Cards Against Humanity, while being fun and completely aligned with my temperament, may not be the game best suited for building up my brain muscle. I know there are several companies out there now that say they … Continue reading More Brain Drain Stuff

My Chemo Brain Counter-Offensive

So... yeah. I've been having some chemo brain issues for quite a while now and I'm in search of interesting ways to build up my brain muscle to counter these "cognitive disorder" side-effects, as my neurologist so neatly calls them. I've never been a board game - or any game for that matter - kind … Continue reading My Chemo Brain Counter-Offensive

The Power of About

I may be mistaken, but it is my belief that we’ve all been to that dark, lonely place at least once or twice in our lives where we, and the lives we have led, seem... Insignificant. Less than. Pointless. It’s a scary place and one which I suspect, and hope, the majority of us visit … Continue reading The Power of About

On why I choose to refer to those who help fund my film as “Donors”…

Admittedly, with these newfangled campaign funding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, where they have their "Backers" or "FUNders" or whatever else they call those who give money to a money-raising campaign, me referring to my supporters as "Donors" seems a bit anachronistic. However, there is a very important reason as to why I do. … Continue reading On why I choose to refer to those who help fund my film as “Donors”…

HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps

  Inspired by the reception the HOW NOT TO DIE article received, I have now made it available as an ebook edition which is now available, for the time being, exclusively at Amazon. While staying true to form of the original article, I have updated the content for clarity and completeness. Additionally, I have included … Continue reading HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps

THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES!: A Guest Post by Author Avril Meyler

We are all familiar with the term “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” An expression arising from a tale told of a young boy who in his innocence declared aloud during a parade by the ruling King of the Realm, where everyone had to bow down to the King’s will. “The Emperor Wears No Clothes!” as … Continue reading THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES!: A Guest Post by Author Avril Meyler

If You’re Here You Must Be Sick…

(OR CARE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS) I'd like to think that one or two of my three regular visitors (one of whom is me) come to this site to gain a deeper understanding of my creative writing by exploring my short stories, and poetry, and my insightful and sometimes witty flash fiction, and, most importantly, … Continue reading If You’re Here You Must Be Sick…

Worry Me, Worry Earth

Imagine how miserable life would be if we were constantly aware of our own mortality; if each day we awoke wondering if it would be our last; if each step we took worried us that it was bringing us one step closer to our end. How stressful would that be? If that were so, if … Continue reading Worry Me, Worry Earth