The Boss Rick Ross

Hope the reports about Big Rick being on life support aren’t true, but wanted to put some positive vibes out there for him just in case.

Here are a few of my favorite vids of his or in collaboration with others.

Be careful, they are explicit and NSFW*



*Not safe for work



So You Wanna Be A (Literary) Superstar – UFW

True* story.

Cypress Hill’s popular rap (I do not and will not abide by the punk arse “hip hop” nomenclature) hit (Rock) Superstar was originally entitled (Literary) Superstar. However, when it came time to record the song, B-Real, Sen Dog, and DJ Muggs had recently overindulged on the stuff that we are supposed to Just Say No To, which, if you know anything at all about Cypress, you know there is no such thing as overindulgence to them regarding the Just Say No kind of stuff.

Long story short, every time they tried to rap the words Literary Superstar, their cotton-mouthed tongues kept tripping over all the syllables.

Actually, it’s pretty tough to rap even while sober.

Go ahead and give it try…providing that you’re sober, that is.

It is Friday night after all.


Of course the word Rock is much easier for the THC-impaired to rap than Literary so it was quickly edited into the lyrics and the rest, as they say, is rap history.

So what you need to do, all my writin’ rappin’ literary geniuses out there, is to help restore truth to this video. Every time in the song where they rap the word Rock, I want you to rap the exceedingly superior word Literary. The louder the better.

Go ahead and give it a try.

It is Friday night after all…


Be advised that this video is potentially UFW.

Yes, I know most use the acronym of NSFW, but hey, we’re writers, right? And a writers’s job is to edit that junk down, right? So why use four words – NOT SAFE FOR WORK – when three will do – UNSAFE FOR WORK?!


[Unfortunately, I can’t find a version that will play in post. You’ll have to click out to watch the video. Hate having to make you click away from here but I guess I’ll have to take one for the team…]


*Yeah, you just may want to verify the veracity of that assertion with Snopes before you start spreading it around.