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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair Brush - Duke's, Wooden, circa 1950

Democracy, that is…

Anyway, this might not have anything to do with autocracy versus democracy, but what’s with strongman-wannabes and bizarro hairdos?

To wit:

BTW, if you have a week stomach when it comes to bad hair, do NOT watch this video.

2. Boris, Bad (Hair) Boy, Johnosn

3. Bad hair newcomer Javier, Have Hair, Milei

And of course, the riegning autocratic king of bad hair, the title all bad hair dictator-wannabes strive for…

4. Kim Jong-un, the Dictator of Bad Hair, or Dic-Hair Supreme for short

Okay, I admit, there probably isn’t any relationship between unruly hair and rightwing political extremism, and perhaps this post is a bit immature and in bad taste, but, hey, it sure was fun to put together.

And like profound philosopher Sheryl Crow melodically professes: if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad


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