Life Is

it's funny, life is we are so busy living we forget to live   Let's Send The Year Out In Poetic Style See Newsletter Love (007-15) for details Must be a subscriber to participate    


  blossoms and decay from rose to a tangled rot such is this, our lot #boo    

‘Tis When

'tis when winds refrain when clouds dark advance beyond when skies blue reveal   KURT'S LITERARY CONSULTING SERVICE: PROSOCHĒ KURT'S NEW APP: ANDROID | APPLE    

Nebula Cultus no.6

the dissipation the relentless lessening lo! the cloud soon gone   CHECK OUT KURT'S LITERARY CONSULTING SERVICES: PROSOCHĒ INSTALL HIS APP AND GET A FREE AUDIOBOOK: ANDROID | APPLE    

WALKING ALONG THE RAILWAY: A Relating to Humans Photography Feature by Saptorini

Love this shot. Many more equally beautiful at Saptorini's website. Check it out.. I also encourage you to check out Jordan Dodd's work as part of our Residency Program. Let me know if you have a large, creative project you would like to host here as part of our initiative to spread the Creative Love. …

Fenc’d no.7

Tho' bound by boundaries bound by boundaries 'Tis the warden found within That keeps us from our freedom Release the cage key to the wind    

Burn With Passion Bright

ere the sol's passing ere the rising of the night burn with passion bright Inspired by Nature? Join our Newsletter Love Emerson, First Commitment Must be a subscriber to participate Edition 003-15 is germane    

Nature’s Risen Sol

the dawn's gentle tug from twilight's tuck tender yields nature's risen sol Inspired by Nature? Join our Newsletter Love Emerson, First Commitment Must be a subscriber to participate Edition 003-15 is germane

English is for Everyone

Within that old stash, I also found many of my old English lessons, and old worksheets, and old handouts. They all bring back fond and funny and fortunate memories. I miss all my -- I hesitate to call them students because it seemed as if I ended up learning more from them than they did from me, so I'll simply say, I miss all my friends from that period of my life.


Life is all Briers and Berries all "Huzzah!" and "Hell fire!" Greek Tragedies, Comedies Life is both a rip-roarin' Kick in the Crotch and a moist, long Kiss deep within the Secret Beyond Life is all This Life is all That It's nothing more than Everything It's nothing less than Nothing Life Is Period And a Period is Infinite


If you are inspired by country living and pleasing pictures of our Mother Nature in action, you will enjoy HappyNest in America. Don’t worry if you can’t read the Japanese because the beautiful photography speaks all languages.

Follow, share, and enjoy!

HappyNest in America






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Sons of Anarchy: Hollywood’s Shakespearean Expression of the American Way of Life

FILM | TELEVISION | DRAMA | ACTION SONS OF ANARCHY RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and since I am American I must, like all Americans are doing across the nation and all over facebook, offer my thanks. There are many things for which I am thankful: my …

September 20, 2011

Regardless of whether my novel is actually published on September 20, 2011, or not, the date will always be special to me since it was DADT, or more specifically, since it was all the harassment and abuse and even murder that was inflicted on so many service members because of DADT, that served as the impetus for why I wrote the novel to begin with.

No Sense, Whatsoever

Without even mentioning my slowly deteriorating and dying lungs, it’s bad enough that I have lost most of the feeling in my lower extremities due to the neuropathy that was brought on by all the chemo I got juiced up with to treat my leukemia, or that I lost most of my ability to smell or to taste to only our tight-lipped God know why (my doctors sure as hell don’t know), but, because of the reemergence of GVHD due to my decrease in prednisone dosage, do I really need to now start losing my ability to see, as well?

Exploiting the Crisis

Do you think I really would have been able to pursue my life-long love of writing as aggressively as I am doing now had I not become stricken with cancer and then a chronic, debilitating lung disease? I think not...

It’s FTW! Because We Love to Win! – part 2

I just had to say something raunchy and with impact right now because I want you to know right from the get go exactly what direction this post is headed. So, if you are not in the mood for a pissed off raunchy post (Another one?), you may just want to back click yourself slowly away from the site right now before you or anyone else gets hurt.


I know what I am experiencing is real, but it is just so hard to accept because the consequences are so big, so out of this world. The mind just cannot get itself all the way around it.

Test Results

Email from Kurt's doctor: The bone marrow biopsy report is not back. However, all the news thus far is excellent. His bone marrow flow cytometry shows no leukemia cells. The most sensitive test for detecting leukemia is the BCR-ABL PCR. This result came back as undetectable (meaning no leukemia). These are excellent results. Sincerely, [Kurt's …

One Night

dilantin-induced hallucinations busulfan and fludarabine-laced dreams black outs and cold sweats It’s 2:00 a.m. There is a blue glow to the room as I lie on my back trying to sleep. I’ve been trying to sleep for a long time. My toes burn and my back is hot. My skin itches. The black motion of …