Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

#not #blameitonthegroundhog  

Table Scraps

What do you do with the scraps of wood that have been cluttering your garage for over a decade?

Well, I make me a highly unsightly yet highly functional bed desk and manuscript holder in an effort to make the sorrowful task of writing a little less sorrowful, and from which I posted this self-aggrandizing semi-selfie (it has my feet in it anyway). Anyway... Write on! #amwriting #screenplays  

At Art’s Pointy End of the Spear

As an artist, by which I mean anyone who creates artistically in any medium, do you ever use your art as a down in the trenches, fight fire with fire type of weapon in the never-ending battle against the forces evil; or is your art reserved only as an expression of beauty and love and … Continue reading At Art’s Pointy End of the Spear

Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

This is an official whitehouse.gov photograph of our "president." I know, right. That's one scary looking dude. This isn't presidential... Far from it. This is a picture you would show to your kids when they're misbehaving. You would point to it, large and ornately framed (a gold-plated frame of course) hanging from a prominent place … Continue reading Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

From Mine to Yours…

And Joy & Happiness to All* this Season of Holidays #peace *"All" is meant to mean everyone, including those who do and who do not celebrate a holy day or holiday this Season of Holidays, which may or may not include the following: Buddhism Bodhi Day: 8 December – Day of Enlightenment, celebrating the day that … Continue reading From Mine to Yours…

An Early Holiday* Gift Just for You

Beautiful, free - in cost and rights - photographs for your, while it still lasts, First Amendment blogging needs: UNSPLASH.COM Ho ho ho... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!**   *No, I'm not writing "Holiday" instead of "Christmas" to be politically correct, I'm writing it to be humanely correct. Well, actually I'm writing it mostly to piss … Continue reading An Early Holiday* Gift Just for You


So, I was thinking (yes, I understand the risks)... But, I was thinking, just imagine if each of the 25,109 and growing followers of this humble site were to donate just $1.00 to help me fund my film LEAVE... Just imagine how much that would be! Keep in mind that I am a product of … Continue reading BELIEVE IN LEAVE