Poem Man

Poem Man, the poem

Come hither all ye children
And gather round,
For the Poem Man cometh
To your quaint town.
He’s bringing the most magical, beautiful,
Spectacular sounds…
Sounds that you may have never heard before.

He has the sounds of pinks and yellows
And midnight blues.
You’ll hear rainbows and gumdrops
And morning dew.
Come hither sweet children,
Bring your parents too,
To hear the oceans converse with the shores.

Look, yonder cometh he
From the valley below.
Can you see on his shoulder
His talking, orange crow?
Make haste sweet children.
Get ready for the show,
For the time is drawing near.

He carries his poems
In a large, burlap sack.
Doesn’t it look heavy
Upon his broad back?
In it, not a rhyme is missing—
Not a riddle does it lack.
Be still now sweet children for the Poem Man is here.


Well, since the poem Butter was reasonably well-received a day or two ago, it inspired me to create a Poem Man page where I’ve included scans of the original book cover and introduction, as well as a Table of Contents listing all the poems and links to the ones that I’ve already shared online. You can find the new page under the BOOKS heading at the top of the page, or you can just click here.



Haiku of the Autumnal


like decaying leaves
first we whither, then we fall
oh, the coming days!


sullen sky today
yet still, aspirations burn
shadowed paths revealed


low, gray clouds advance
footsteps crack like breaking bones
the wind’s chill churns deep


the pine’s evergreen
or the maple’s sudden fall
flare comes with a cost


with the winded leaves
with the doves in their mourning
I explode with life


soon the leaves will fall
thereafter, soon, too, the snow
soon, all is too soon



Well, I guarantee that you will get more “Likes” from me, at least.

And that is the collective “you,” btw.

Look, I love, love, love to read.

And I especially love to read Indie Authors, Indie Poets, Indie…

Well, let’s just say you had me at “Indie.”

Which is why I believe WordPress is the best invention since the remote control.

WordPress is an organic eruption of creativity and expression.

WordPress is Indie Heaven.

If I could marry WordPress, I would…among other things.

In fact, there is so much Indie creativity and expression erupting from WordPress that it is impossible to gather it all in.

That is why the WordPress Reader is so critical to me and my endeavor to read and appreciate as many Indie Writers and Creators as I possible can.

I pretty much live in that Reader.

In fact, you could just about call me a WordPress Reader agoraphobic.

I really get a bit antsy when someone, or something, tries to prompt me away from it.

So, if you are one of those creators who think you are going to get more page views by only showing a summary of your post in the Reader so we’ll click out of it to your website, well, I’m here to tell you, chances are you probably won’t.

At least not by me.


Hear me when I say that I really want to both like and “Like” what you have created. And while I may not always like your message and/or content, I will just about always like and “Like” the effort.

As you well know, as is evidenced by your own sweat equity, Writing and Drawing and Poeting ain’t always easy.

It takes effort, and I like effort…especially when it’s coming from others.

But I am not going to like or “Like” something unless I read it, all of it, with my own eyes.

Now I’m sure some so-called pro bloggers will “Like” just about anything, whether they like it or not, and whether they read it or not.

But that’s not me.

I’m here for the content and the relationship building that quality content generates.

But if you’re trying to drag me away from my Reader then…let me tell ya, you better have a really, really good hook of a title and some powerful content in that Reader summary.

It happens sometimes.

And I really look forward to those times when it does.

But, in all honesty, it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

So, help me help you help me by going to your Dashboard, then click on your Settings, then click on Reader, and then where it says For each article in a feed, show, please, please, please click on the Full text radio button.

If you do, the Writing Gods will smile on you.

And so will I.

I guarantee it…

Like/”Like” it or not.