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So, I’m Going To Make A Movie… UPDATE #3

We Have Our Captain!

I am pleased and honored to announce that we have found/been blessedly bestowed with a Director for our film LEAVE.

With a captain now at our film’s helm (yes, I do love my sailing metaphors), we will soon be launching our Indiegogo funding campaign, where we will happily and proudly announce all Cast & Crew.

Even once the Indiegogo campaign launches, we will continue to run our website funding campaign here for those Indie Authors and other Indie Creator-types who would rather receive one of the Reward Packages as a donation incentive to promote their books or other projects versus the incentives that will be offered with the Indiegogo campaign.

To be notified when the Indiegogo campaign goes live, please sign up here.

To learn more about the website funding campaign and how you can promote your books or other projects, please visit here.

To go ahead and just donate now, please do so here.

After you donate via the website campaign, you should be automatically directed to a page where you can select your Reward Package. If you are not directed to the page, please let me know and I will personally assist you.

Right on?

Write on!



So I’m going to make a movie…
So I’m going to make a movie… UPDATE #1
So I’m going to make a movie… UPDATE #2


The Promotional “Devices” I May Employ To Hook You Onto My Nascent #VBLOG

In addition to trying to shake out as many donation dollars as possible from you…

  • I may discuss and further expand upon interesting comments you leave for me in reaction to on one of my Relating to Humans blog posts or pages.
  • I may end each episode with a scrolling credit sequence of all recent submissions to the Relating to Humans open submissions feature with the title of the submission, the author or creator of the submission, and the website address of the author or creator of the submission.
  • I may visit the websites of frequent visitors to my website to provide a “Website Review,” so to speak, of their sites during my shows.
  • I may encourage you to submit questions you would like me to answer or a comment you would like me to respond to via the contact form of the VBLOG page that I may create which will then send them directly to IAMIRATE@OUTLOOK.COM.
  • I may encourage you to send me, via the contact form of the VBLOG page that I may create which will then send them directly to IAMIRATE@OUTLOOK.COM, short video clips of you answering questions you would like someone, perhaps me, to ask you about your book or other project you are passionate about. I may then edit this short video clip to make it seem as if I am interviewing you during the show.
  • I may in my next episode explain why I decided to endorse Trump for president.

Some of these promotional “devices” may definitely be employed; one of them may definitely not be.

I guess we’ll find out in the next episode – Saturday… ish.





So what do you think of this new description for Hercules Gone Mad that I’ve been working on?

So, about this new HGM description…it’s been long overdue. The last one (first one) was rather bare-boned and relied more on its association with the Heroes of Dystopia intro than on any deeper meaningful description of the book.

So, I decided to put some meat on its bones, so to speak. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comment section please.




The man they call Hercules, a handle bestowed upon him while an elite warrior in the former military of the former leading World Power, struggles to maintain his sanity in a world no longer known to him, a world no longer known to anyone who has managed to survive the brutal collapse of its established order, or who is so unfortunate as to be immune to the bloody disease that has decimated the global population, or who has been captured, caged, and commoditized within a system formerly known as slavery but now is known as the market of human capital.

However, it is not the insanity that has befallen the ruined world that is tormenting and degrading the former warrior’s mind – what is eating at his sanity is the suffering from the disgrace that has befallen him. For it is his belief that he has committed the most heinous act a military man of honor and integrity could possibly commit. And it is this belief that is driving him completely mad.

As he struggles to survive the madness, Hercules must maneuver through all the evil raging around him, evil stoked by the continuing battle between the neo-collectivist revolutionaries committed to global utopia and the outlawed capitalist rebels committed to restoring a new version of the old order. As the war between the two political foes rage on, the De Borja Cartel, led by a zealot drug lord known as The Pope, seeks to leverage the chaos and extend its own corrupt domain northward.

All the while, Santa Muerte, threatened by one powerful man’s proximity to the technological attainment of a god-like immortality, mobilizes to purge the earth of its remaining living souls once and for all so that she, at last, may attain her divine ascension.

And yet nothing is as it seems…