Upturn Thy Soul

Soul Upturned

what is it we seek
yea, that cannot once be found
with a soul upturned


Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between

in betwixt I am
the ascendance and the fall
the light and the dark

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Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun

A contemplation of life’s profundity, beautifully and poetically so…courtesy of the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America

HappyNest in America


Gazing subtle shadows of the winter sun

Sinking behind the distant trees

Wandering on the hazy farm road in the foreign land

Contempleting the meaning of my existence

*   *   *

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An Ode To A Happy Little Spider

(Or, A Song For A Sad, Unfortunate Fly)

The happy little spider
Climbs the brightly colored wall
To spin a bouncy little web
While the playful blue birds call

Spinning spinning spinning
While humming a happy, cheerful tune
He builds for his tomorrow
In the corner of the room

As the sleepy evening sun
Settles softly into bed
The happy little spider
Spins his final thread

Still humming his cheerful tune
And oh so happy with his feat
He inspects his silky work
To ensure it’s all complete

With the chirping of the crickets
And with the crescent moon in ebb
The happy little spider
Snuggles in his web

As his sleepy eyelids close
Right before his dreams begin
He says his evening prayers
With a happy, thankful grin

For he knows that come tomorrow
When he rises from his bed
His prayers will all be answered
And his belly will be fed