A Web Security PSA Because I Love You

Okay, I’ve never used Cloudflare before and I don’t own any stocks in it that I know so I’m passing this info along simply because I’m a dude* who hates having my cookies tracked and Facebook selling me out to the Russians and all the other creepy Dark Web stuff (or is it Deep Web stuff?) that I always feel threatened by and I assume you’re of the same mind, may god bless your poor soul if you are.

If you’re not familiar with Cloudflare, here is what pops up when asking Bing, what is Cloudflare:

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Maybe Elon has a point…

While I’m a big admirer of Elon Musk and all he’s been able to accomplish, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about his alarmist rhetoric regarding Artificial Intelligence’s threat to humanity, seeing it more as a means for him to groom future volunteers for a one-way ticket to a Mars colony.

Not a bad strategy, mind you.

But with each cool but creepy new video from Boston Dynamics that hits the web and goes viral, I grow more and more less skeptical of Elon’s warnings…


Creepy, right?

But still… it’s way cool, too.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of the end of humanity, here’s a cut regarding how technology is altering our perception of reality from a recent terrifying article from Buzzfeed:

“Alarmism can be good — you should be alarmist about this stuff,” [Aviv] Ovadya said one January afternoon before calmly outlining a deeply unsettling projection about the next two decades of fake news, artificial intelligence–assisted misinformation campaigns, and propaganda. “We are so screwed it’s beyond what most of us can imagine,” he said. “We were utterly screwed a year and a half ago and we’re even more screwed now. And depending how far you look into the future it just gets worse.”

That future, according to Ovadya, will arrive with a slew of slick, easy-to-use, and eventually seamless technological tools for manipulating perception and falsifying reality, for which terms have already been coined — “reality apathy,” “automated laser phishing,” and “human puppets.”


We’re screwed.

But still… it’s kinda cool, too.



“The Way” of Technology

Well, my bold Westworld binge-watching bonanza proclamation turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of ballyhooed BS…

I only got through the fourth episode before running out of time.

Consequently, I can’t provide anything much in the way of a review. But I can provide a bit of feedback that might mean something about its watchability

Which is… I kept falling asleep while watching it.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve taken some of my best naps during what turned out to be some of my favorite shows so my inability to stay awake while watching Westworld in and of itself doesn’t mean that much.

As for what I was able to stay awake for… I really like what it is trying to do in concept; however, its execution…

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So, it looks like “The Industry” is finally beginning to figure out this Snapchat thing…


I began a quest a while back to understand how Indie Authors such as myself can leverage the seemingly incomprehensible (at least to an old dud like me) yet immensely popular messaging app called Snapchat.

To be honest, I gave up any hope of me ever using the app as part of my publishing platform right after giving it a very brief whirl of a befuddling go during the time I wrote the first post it.

However, I haven’t given up on trying to understand how it and other apps like it can help others promote their work, especially the younger Indie Authors who best fit the apps’ demographic. So, I’ve kept my eye open for anything relatively relative about it…

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The Murky Link Between the Russian Cyber Threat and My Novel

The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailore

This is a link to the live recent Senate Intelligence hearing regarding “Russian Hacking and Cybersecurity.”

This is a murky link.

This is a link to The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor, my book about the harsh realities of life in the navy during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era.

What is the relevance of the murky link between the two?

Probably none.

But you won’t know for sure unless you watch the hearing to understand why the Russian hacking of our cyber space is threat to our sovereignty and read the book to understand why intolerance and bigotry is a threat to our humanity.


Off Kilter

If you use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers, this site probably looks a bit off kilter to you. WordPress “Happiness Engineers” are working on fixing the problem (and have been for a week now). All other browser users should see things as they are meant to be (at least re: the layout of my site).

So, about this Snapchat thing… Yeah, it really is a thing it seems

A while back I wrote a brief post asking if anyone was using Snapchat as part of their marketing platform. I got a few responses… I checked the app out… I didn’t get it at all… And then I forgot about it.

Well, it appears the app is making it harder and harder for us to forget it according to this NYT article.

  • Snapchat is worth $30 B-b-b-billion dollars
  • It’s larger than Twitter
  • Facebook and others are desperately trying to emulate its appeal

So, about this Snapchat thingy…

Anyone have anything new to share about it re: social marketing platform?

So here’s my conundrum… update #1

Never could it have been anywhere even close to being within the realm of my boundless imagination prior to the commencement of the Republican Party’s primary season, which has come to be known affectionately as REPUBLICAN HATEFEST 2016 ~ Making America Great Again Through It’s Bigotry & Violence, that I would ever entertain the thought that Ted Cruz could be a moderate alternative to any other candidate.

Yet, here I am thinking just that.


Not that I am endorsing Cruz or even considering voting for him — I would vote for a dirty dish towel before voting for either him or that bigoted billionaire buffoon who is beating him handily in the race.

I’m just making the observation how utterly unbelievable and scary the Republican front-runners are.

I really hope John Kasich, the governor of my birth state, can get it together and pull out an upset at the Republican Convention. I continue to hold him in high regard compared to all other possibilities that either party has to offer at this point.

Although, I do take very seriously Trump de Drumpf’s hardly veiled threat that there may be riots if he isn’t anointed as the Republican nominee.

And so do others…


This is a recent facebook post of mine address specifically to my friends…

So here’s the deal from now until November, provided I can last on facebook that long because it already is really hard for me to bear all the vitriolic political bs streaming around…

If I regard you as a friend, a real friend and not just a fb friend, and it appears to me that you are a ‪#‎Trump‬ supporter – just him, not any of the other candidates for president – then I will be dogged in my commitment to overwhelming you with reason and compassion each time you post anything that comes close to regarding Trump’s candidacy in a positive way.

Because I simply cannot believe that someone with all their faculties in place can actually be a supporter of his intolerant, violent political platform… and I refuse to believe someone who I know and whose friendship I value could support such a thing.

Friends do not let friends drive drunk… or support Trump.






ADMIRAL GRACE HOPPER – A Genius, A Hero, A Shipmate

It’s Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Get Permission
and other interesting wit and wisdom attributed to the Admiral



So, about this Snapchat #socialmedia thing…

I wonder…

Are any Indie Authors using it to promote their work?

And if they are, are they finding it worthy of the time and brain cells it took them to learn yet another social media thing for which to suck them away from their writing (not that I need it for an excuse to do that… I have many, many others from which to draw from)?

I am filled with such wonderment for this Snapchat thing from seeing more and more written about its value in marketing to the social media-consumed Millennials.