KURTBRINDLEY.COM is a place where, it is hoped, all humans, including you, of all backgrounds, including yours, can gather together in a humane, though, perhaps, sometimes challenging, sometimes uncomfortable forum of dialogue and discourse to, well… relate with one another.

Whether we humans want to admit it or not, if we trace our bloodlines back far enough, we will find that we all are kin within our globally grand extended family of Homo sapiens, the only known surviving species of the genus Homo. And since we are all relative Homos, we might as well spend some time trying to figure out how we can best accommodate for each other’s unique needs, peculiarities, and desires, regardless how disparate and distant they may be from our own.

As we humans are quite the fickle and contrary creatures who never fail to surprise in our creative abilities to both help and hurt one another, it would be impossible to make, therefore we shan’t, any guarantee of a completely pain-free experience while spending time here relating with our not-always-kind humankind kin.

When considering that all visitors are invited and encouraged to share their own personal expressions via any form of a creative medium to the Relating to Humans feature, an open-submissions forum which encompasses many controversial categories, and which is managed with limited editorial oversight, an experience here free of pain of at least some level or form just may be the exception.

Keeping this relatively unregulated openness in mind, please be advised that there is risk one may encounter unsettling subject matter; although, the hope is that, as one’s price for any discomfiture experienced, one will be rewarded with a deeper sense of empathy, compassion, and enlightenment.


So, I’m going to make a movie…

LEAVE, A Short Film