While it is my belief, as it is that of many others, that reading great writing is the best way to make one’s writing, if not great, then at least better, I also believe that there are other ways to improve one’s writing and many books have been written to help in this effort.

These are some of the books, for better or for worse, that have been and continue to be the sustenance and sustainment of my writing techniques and fundamentals. Most are shelved or stacked within an arm’s length away from my desk so that I can easily and often draw from them to improve and enhance my work; others have been read and are now shelved deep within my consciousness(es) and are drawn from just as often, if not more, with or without my knowing.

If you have a favorite not listed, please make mention of it in the comments so myself and others can add it to our own stacks of writing resources and draw from its wisdom, as well.

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                                The Screenwriter's Bible

                            Points of View     The Art of the Novel



                       The Interpretation of Dreams