Coming to Amazon July 1, 2020

With the heartbroken shards of a shattered past lodged deep within his soul, falling in love is the last thing a mysterious American expatriate in Tokyo is looking to do, especially with an alluring jazz club singer shrouded in vague mysteries of her own…

It’s my profound pleasure to introduce to my latest brain child…


I’ll discuss more about the whatnots of the book in posts to come, but for right now I would like put a request out for early literary adapters — known to some as beta readers, but known to indie authors as amazing heroes — who would do me a solid and read the manuscript and provide me their feedback prior to its release on July 1, 2020, or as soon as possible thereafter.

As the title indicates, its a novella; I don’t have an exact page count yet but I expect it will be around 120 pages when published. It, hopefully, reads fast and should take no longer to go through than would watching a movie.

So, if you’re a literary hero looking to save the defenseless reader from deadly typos, poor grammar, and the abuse and misuse of they’re, their, and there, please don your cape and send me an email through the contact form below letting me know in which format you would like to receive the manuscript (epub, mobi, or pdf) and I’ll send it out to you posthaste.

With all my literary love,


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