Kurt is a retired Navy Senior Chief Cryptologist and former Defense Contractor who supported the U.S. Intelligence Community mission for nearly thirty years. He traveled much of the world in service to his country, met many interesting characters, and bore witness to many spectacular events, much of which he will never be able to discuss publicly. Nevertheless, he will always hold fond memories of those times long past and, aye, he still has many o’ unclassified stories yet to tell…

Nowadays, he and his family are moored happily in a house on top of a windy and rolling hill in Southern Pennsylvania where he slogs mightily in an effort to record these hard-earned stories of his.

He is the author of five published works — two novels, two books of poetry, and one little book of inspiration. In the summer of 2015, he adapted his short story Leave into a screenplay. In October 2016, Leave was filmed and produced in Los Angeles with an amazing cast and crew. The short film premiered at the LA Femme Film Festival in October 2018, and is now available for all to stream at Amazon Prime [currently looking for a new home for Leave].

Kurt is not a fan of the soul-sapping effort writing takes, but he does rather enjoy blogging – or, as he likes to say: Surmising with aplomb and nary remorse. Here, he likes to wax poetic, overshare poorly lit photographs of his rather large yet loveable Plott Hounds Aurelius and Zeno, and every now and again, if he can muster up the courage, venture naively into commentary on all our pretty yet petulant planet’s perplexing problems, political and/or otherwise.