For some reason I’ve been humming this song all day long…

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A First-Rate Fish Tale of a Thriller: USA, Inc. – A Review

BOOK | FICTION | THRILLER USA, Inc. (A Mike Wardman Novel: Book 1) by Larry Kahaner RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   When acclaimed and prolific author, investigative journalist, and private investigator Larry Kahaner reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a copy of his latest thriller, USA, …

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Sticking It To The Man: A Cultural Response





Actus Magazine

By Abigail Gilson 

There is a reinvigorated cultural response to the current political dysfunction on the rise. Artists from around the world have mobilised together to troll Trump by creating controversial protest paintings, sculptures, and murals- and they’re holding nothing back. There is no limit of political satire nor hues of orange in these depictions of the U.S president however their outright messages have provoked censorship across social media sites (so much for free speech, eh) and even the administration has threatened particular artists with litigation. Alas, all is not lost with this dose of cultural reassurance: here are five distorted versions of D.T that are sure to make protest-art great again.  

Emotional Downloads by James Ostrer

1168536(Donald Trump), ED 213M

This grotesque rendition of Donald Trump is not for the soft-stomached as it is curated completely from raw meat, fish, chewed up pieces of croissant and drizzled in…

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