Twilight Zone

I know Trump’s been in power for over a year, but I still haven’t fully come to terms with it.

I mean, never before Trump would I have ever considered that we would live in such an absurd and dangerous time where we would find a former CIA Director in a very public dispute with a sitting president, or in Trump’s case, a so-called sitting president.

In case you missed them, here are a few of John Brennan’s latest responses to Trump’s latest inanities:

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Trump is an evil Putin-light d–k!

Putin deals with any threat to his criminal regime through intimidation and murder.

At least Trump deals with the threats to his criminal behavior only through intimidation and firings.

No murders (that we know of). . .yet.

After months of bashing him on twitter and calling for his firing, Andrew McCabe, a career FBI agent, is the latest threat to Trump to be fired, which happened only 24-hours before McCabe was to retire, thereby stripping him of his government pension.

Trump is both Putin’s evil sycophant puppet, and a heartless, evil, small-handed dick.

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Death by Stooges

According to this, “The Trump administration apparently found [Peter Navarro, the little known stooge/fringe economist/mastermind behind Trump’s whacked-out trade war] after Jared Kushner, most likely thirsting for knowledge, searched for books about China on Amazon. There, he found Navarro’s “Death by China.”

My first experience with Navarro was seeing him interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. It was pretty scary. I’m not a fan of Fox News as a whole, but Wallace’s Fox New Sunday is always top-notch and holds all its guests accountable in my view. Wallace’s interview with Navarro was no exception — it gets pretty testy.

Navarro made a documentary based on his book, a book, it’s reported, that he carries around with him as he stalks the halls of the White House trying to scheme his way as close to Trump as he can get. Apparently, his scheming worked well, as evidenced by his ability to get Gary Cohn axed and the steel tariffs implemented.

Here’s the documentary. It’s long and I’m in the process of watching it. I’ll update this post with my thoughts of it, if any, after I finish… that is if it hasn’t forced me to rip my eyeballs out in anger first.

We’ll see. I consider myself rather hawkish on China so, despite Navarro’s quick rise to the top of the Trump Administration Stooge list, I’ll try to keep an open mind…



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Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

I watched this video, remembering “fondly” how utterly incompetent Dubya was and how utterly destructive and deadly his administration was, yet never once being suspicious that he was pining whole-heartedly to become Autocrat-in-Chief (I did have my suspicions about Dick Cheney, though) or fearing he was set on undermining the American Way of Life just so he could sycophantically gain favor, financially or otherwise, with Putin and his oligarchy friends.



For some reason I’ve been humming this song all day long…

Despite the fact that Southern Man don’t need those of Neil’s and my ilk around anyhow.



A Guest Post by Author Larry Kahaner


A Novel Pair

By Larry Kahaner


I enjoy writing about greed.

It’s an emotion that intrigues me because I’m not a greedy person, so I’m fascinated by those who are. I want to understand it, and, for me, this means writing about it. In the course of writing I see all sides, and most, if not all of the ramifications.

I’m in a perfect position to do this because I’ve been a business journalist and reporter for about 30 years. I’ve written about 20 books, some under my own name, and others were ghostwritten. I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the web… you name it. I’m also a licensed private investigator and one of my niches was cult investigations. These groups are almost always headed by a greedy son-of-a-bitch.

First, let’s define greed. It’s when you have more than enough money, power, whatever gets you excited, but you want more. It’s more than you could ever use, enjoy or hope to maintain by yourself. Does greed lead to immoral behavior? Well, you could argue that greed itself is immoral, to which I agree, but more often than not, greed often becomes an obsession that can no longer be quenched through legal or moral activity.


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