Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

I watched this video, remembering "fondly" how utterly incompetent Dubya was and how utterly destructive and deadly his administration was, yet never once being suspicious that he was pining whole-heartedly to become Autocrat-in-Chief (I did have my suspicions about Dick Cheney, though) or fearing he was set on undermining the American Way of Life just … Continue reading Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…


For some reason I’ve been humming this song all day long…

Despite the fact that Southern Man don't need those of Neil's and my ilk around anyhow.   #hardtobelievewehavetocelebratethefactanallegedchildmolestorlostanelection #harderstilltobelievewehavetomournthefactanadmittedsexualmolesterwonthepresidency #apologiesforthemassiveracistsymbolthatissoproudlydisplayedinthatvideo #resist  

A Guest Post by Author Larry Kahaner

READ KURT'S FIVE-STAR REVIEW OF LARRY'S THRILLER: USA, INC.     GREED AND THE CONSTITUTION A Novel Pair By Larry Kahaner   I enjoy writing about greed. It's an emotion that intrigues me because I'm not a greedy person, so I'm fascinated by those who are. I want to understand it, and, for me, this … Continue reading A Guest Post by Author Larry Kahaner

Untangling Trump One Tangled Lie at a Time

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ~ Vladimir Lenin In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State. ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn ★ ★ ★ It's out there, the Truth about Trump. It just takes time to untangle his international web of lies and deceit... … Continue reading Untangling Trump One Tangled Lie at a Time

What Will It Take?

I've lost several fb friends and many followers here because of my relentless fixation on Trump's autocratic aspirations and the similarities between his rise to power with Hitler's. I ain't gonna lie to you -- I've often in the past second-guessed myself and wondered if I, in fact, wasn't just being too alarmist and snowflake-like … Continue reading What Will It Take?

“Post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to our current affairs section”

I wish I were smart enough to be able to claim this post's eye/brain-catching headline as my own. But, alas, I cannot because I got it from this read-worthy #longread of an article written by John Feffer, a journalist and author who, with his read-worthy article, attempts to (in subtle sublimity) -- and in my … Continue reading “Post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to our current affairs section”

H. R. McMaster, Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Well, since Trump scared away all the qualified civilians who might have been remotely interested in taking over as his new National Security Advisor, he had to put on his Commander-In-Chief cap and order an active duty general officer to take the job. From what I can tell, Lieutenant General McMaster has the intellectual and … Continue reading H. R. McMaster, Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Happy Presidents Day

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington “If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union, or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of … Continue reading Happy Presidents Day

Well, the good news is…

  Well, the good news is is that Trump has already filed the paperwork to begin campaigning for the next election. No really... He did so the day he was inaugurated. For reference, Barack didn't file his paperwork for his second campaign until two years later. Anyway... Some might wonder why I, an avid anti-All-Things-Trump … Continue reading Well, the good news is…

Honor, Courage, and Commitment

Each branch of the military services has its own stated Core Values that each member of that branch is expected to uphold and is held accountable when not upholding them. When I served in the Navy, its Core Values were Honor, Courage, and Commitment. They still are. The Marine Corps falls under the Department of … Continue reading Honor, Courage, and Commitment

I’ve been a #Trump alarmist from the start, but what do I know…

Admittedly, I know not much about many things; but still, even with my unsophisticated eye I have been able to see the authoritarian writing on the proverbial [Mexican] wall long before Trump's construction on it [deconstruction of it] will begin [had begun]. But who cares what a no name know nothing like me whines on … Continue reading I’ve been a #Trump alarmist from the start, but what do I know…

The Face of an Authoritarian


Pretty much shell shocked and without ability to articulate personally how I feel about Trump's latest strongman moves so I'll share the messages from two facebook memes that pretty much sums up my thinking nicely: The first shows a protester in Chicago (at least it looks like the Willis/former Sears Tower in the background) holding … Continue reading AMERICAN F%&#ING IDIOTS!

Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

This is an official photograph of our "president." I know, right. That's one scary looking dude. This isn't presidential... Far from it. This is a picture you would show to your kids when they're misbehaving. You would point to it, large and ornately framed (a gold-plated frame of course) hanging from a prominent place … Continue reading Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

Is everybody… okay?

It's been over twenty-four hours since we, and by "we" I mean definitely not me, happily handed Lucifer the Keys to the Kingdom on a gold-plated platter of a presidency so I was just checking in to see if everyone is still alive and/or if there has been any signs of the onset of the … Continue reading Is everybody… okay?

My Freudian Power Transference Playlist

On this gloomiest of gloomy inaugural days, these are the songs that are playing in/with my mind... The historical source of the word “inauguration” stems from the Latin augur, which refers to the rituals of ancient Roman priests seeking to interpret if it was the will of the gods for a public official to be … Continue reading My Freudian Power Transference Playlist