An Ode to Elon

[Best when sung to the tune of "Froggy Went A Courting"] The Man on Mars ain't lookin' at the stars He's thinkin' 'bout wars And how to power cars There's money to be made In the inter-planet trade Can't wait to start the raid The Man on Mars ain't thinkin' 'bout Earth Cuz that tired … Continue reading An Ode to Elon


Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

I watched this video, remembering "fondly" how utterly incompetent Dubya was and how utterly destructive and deadly his administration was, yet never once being suspicious that he was pining whole-heartedly to become Autocrat-in-Chief (I did have my suspicions about Dick Cheney, though) or fearing he was set on undermining the American Way of Life just … Continue reading Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

Now that I’ve the Time

A couple days ago, I wrote a painfully long post called The Irrepressible Nature of Irony. I mean, dude*, it is a massive monster of a missive. I mean, wow. Anyway, as a mea culpa, of sorts, for torturing you with such interminablely tedious twaddle, I left a footnote that reads: To paraphrase a quote … Continue reading Now that I’ve the Time

Piddling Over An Abstraction

Have you got five minutes to spare? No? No time, you say? Okay, if you had the time, what would you do with it? Take your time and think. I'm in no rush for I, personally, have all the time in the world. Please stop looking at your watch phone. Try to judge time's movement … Continue reading Piddling Over An Abstraction

The Irrepressible Nature of Irony*

Or, Nothing Is As It Appears To Be If you were to do a search on my site for the word "irony" -- and why would you? -- but, if you were to, of the ten results you would receive, the first three would have the word "irony" in their heading, so it's easy to … Continue reading The Irrepressible Nature of Irony*

There’s so much to gripe about I can’t decide which gripe to blog about so instead I’ll just share this…

According to this article, which is a derivative of this article, which leans heavily on this study, creative people literally see the world differently than us lesser than creative types, as is illustrated by the following video...   Some of you may remember this similar titillating* exercise in awareness I shared in days past. #prayforopenness … Continue reading There’s so much to gripe about I can’t decide which gripe to blog about so instead I’ll just share this…

Emily Dickinson on Daylight Saving Time*

764 Presentiment - is that long Shadow - on the Lawn - Indicative that Suns go down - The Notice to the startled Grass That Darkness is about to pass -   *Admittedly, it's highly unlikely that Ms. Dickinson while sitting alone upstairs staring out her pondering window penned this pensive poem about Daylight Saving … Continue reading Emily Dickinson on Daylight Saving Time*

For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix

Read an interesting CNBC article how a young kid (twenty-four is still a kid to an old dud of a fart like me) was able to make mucho dinero by stalking the fundraising sites, identifying which products are drawing in the investors, and then beating the fundraisers to market with knock-offs of what they are … Continue reading For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix

Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…

The first observation: Mad Dog Mattis must be mad as hell for having to humiliate himself by being the face of our national apology for Trump's war-crime declaration that we should have and still just might take Iraq's oil; not to mention the fact that he, Mattis, has to tap dance around the fact that … Continue reading Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…

From Author Dave Astor: Guest Literature Post by Donald Trump!

I was considering writing a satire post (i.e., FAKE Post!) with its premise being our so-called president writing it as a Guest Author.

As I was getting set to channel Trump for the writing, I got cold fingers, so to speak, from the damage the channeling might do to my so-called brain; so, I backed slowly away from the keyboard, thought about it for a minute, then made the decision to search around to see if anyone had already done something similar.

I’m happy to have lost my courage to allow my brain to think as a non-reading Trump would and I am awe at the courage author Dave Astor possesses and the risks he was willing to take to share his brain and blog with him, for his sacrifices have allowed us to enjoy this reblogged post of his.

If you’re a reader of such things as “books” that are written with more than 140 words and that may contain troubling brain hurdles such as nuance and non-linear plot and plotless constructs, then you must check out Mr. Astor’s witty and wise blog.


Dave Astor on Literature

This blog will be different today, because Donald Trump demanded to write a guest piece. I told him he doesn’t read literature or know much about it, but he insisted. Anyway, things will go back to normal next week, but until then…herrrrrre’s the illegitimate president:

The Donald (me) doesn’t read novels, but I do read the backs of cereal boxes. Lots of back story, ya know?

Actually, I know a yuge amount about fiction. Not the literary kind — the “alternative facts” kind.

I can’t deal with The Wings of the Dove. Why didn’t Henry James write The Wings of the War Hawk? Sad.

The Red Badge of Courage? Stephen Crane — what a loser. Believe me, I showed more courage getting Vietnam War deferments for alleged bone spurs in my heels, even though I played a ton of sports at the time with no problem. They…

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