Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…

Image courtesy of LA Times

The first observation:

Mad Dog Mattis must be mad as hell for having to humiliate himself by being the face of our national apology for Trump’s war-crime declaration that we should have and still just might take Iraq’s oil; not to mention the fact that he, Mattis, has to tap dance around the fact that he, Trump, is still hell-bent on keeping every damn one of them, Iraqis, the hell outta our country, regardless whether they fought side by side our soldiers or not (just them, not their oil).

The second observation:

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H. R. McMaster, Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Well, since Trump scared away all the qualified civilians who might have been remotely interested in taking over as his new National Security Advisor, he had to put on his Commander-In-Chief cap and order an active duty general officer to take the job.


From what I can tell, Lieutenant General McMaster has the intellectual and national security chops to manage the security needs of job, as well as the [feisty] character and courage to manage the narcissism and egos of Trump and Bannon.

I just hope he has the heart for it…

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Honor, Courage, and Commitment

Each branch of the military services has its own stated Core Values that each member of that branch is expected to uphold and is held accountable when not upholding them. When I served in the Navy, its Core Values were Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

They still are.

The Marine Corps falls under the Department of the Navy (but I would not recommend telling a Marine that s/he is in the Navy – it might not end well for you if you did); therefore, Marines have the same Core Values as Sailors.

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Due to the current political climate, I’d like to draw your attention to…


…excerpts of two rather aged yet seemingly, and sadly so, germane posts of mine. They are quite lengthy so to read the full posts, click on the “more” links.


The first is a political poem I penned long ago:


It’s the bottom of the ninth.

We’re down and in desperate need of a two-out rally.

So what are we waiting for? Should we go
for the win and swing for the fence?

Or should we just drop our bats,
grab our crotches,
and wait?

Just wait for someone else to come along and bat clean up?

Just wait for them to come along and clean up all of the shit
our silence has created?

Should we wait?
Just wait for the president and the congress and the
governors and every other sleazy politician to knock
the dirt out of their spikes and lead the rally?

Or should we, instead, wait for Wall Street and the
chambers of commerce and the boards of directors
and the unions and even the goddamn Junior Achievers
to… more


The second is a satirical attempt at humor by poking fun at the U.S. military and the American way.


It always struck me as completely ironic (and if I think about it too hard it verges on the sardonically so) how so many Americans join the military to defend the American “Way of Life,” and, as a reward for their patriotism and service, they are provided for by the American government and funded by the American tax payer with a “way of life” that is so completely different and diametrically opposed to the “Way of Life” they gave up to defend.

Once someone joins the military, their new “way of life” becomes part of one of the most successfully socialist ways of life that has ever existed on this irrational planet of ours…more

[NOTE: this article was written when I was thick into my GVHD issues and strung out on prednisone and dealing with steroid psychosis. While it rambles greatly, I think there still are some relevant points to be found somewhere within. Maybe?]

Another National Security Cabinet Pick…

Another dumb general

I think I may have this figured out…

The generals must really be dumb because during the campaign, Trump said something to the effect that he knows more about military stuff than the generals, right?


He probably really believes that because, well, he’s a lying (even to himself) narcissistic megalomaniac. Right?


And, in order for a lying narcissistic megalomaniac to fully self-actualize, he must have a horde of sychophants licking at his heels and telling him how beautiful and brilliant he is on a regular basis. Right?


So, since he believes “there is no one bigger or better at the military than [he is],” of course he is going to have a bunch of dumb generals around him to make him feel smart, thereby validating his belief that he is smart, thereby allowing him to fully self-actualize. Right?


Oh how stupid are we?!

All throughout the campaign Trump mouthed a populist message and now he is on track to have the wealthiest administration in history. And remember how he blathered on about how much smarter he is than the military’s hapless generals? Ha ha – Yup, his top two national security picks – National Security Advisor and the Secretary of Defense – are generals; one of whom, James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense to be, will require a special Congressional wink and a nod to get through the process because it’s against the law for retired military flag officers to be the Secretary of Defense within seven years of retirement. Mattis has only been retired for four years. Kind of defeats the purpose of having civilian oversight of our military, no?