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Need Help Publishing Your Book?

Inspired by a love of literature in specific and “The Arts” in general, as well as our very own Indie Author Book Selection & Review (IABS&R), it is my pleasure to introduce you to a long in planning yet new venture of mine, a venture of which is in possession of the entrepreneurial name of PROSOCHĒ (pronounced pro-so-hi) as legally registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of the United States of America and which is now open for business to all those of a literary nature world-wide.

In other words, I’ve founded a Literary Consultancy gig and I cordially invite you to consider my services as an option for expanding and enhancing your authorial endeavors.

Admittedly, in its present state the website is rather understated in looks and overstated in words, but it does embody that which I wish to convey and present to the world at this time.

And, as in much if not most of life, it is subject to change.

You can visit the site to learn all about it – like what in the heck does PROSOCHĒ even mean – but here are a couple key points I’d like to highlight for you right now:

– Long term I hope for PROSOCHĒ to be a full-scale Creativity Consultancy firm, catering to all “The Arts.” But as of the moment, it employs just yours truly and I am able to offer Literary Consultancy services in the form of manuscript proofing, editing, and other such things that can be found on the website.

– While I found that manuscript proofing and editing services can run into the thousands of dollars, I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what my services are worth at this time. I do believe I can provide some value, however, as is attested to by the testimonials found on the site, and I do believe it is worth a fee of some sort; but until I figure it all out, I am accepting as a fee whatever it is my select clientele, perhaps you, choose to pay.

I did mention that things are subject to change, right? Well the fee structure certainly will, and I imagine soon, so please keep that in mind if considering the services.

I also mentioned at the beginning of this post that PROSOCHĒ was partially inspired by the IABS&R. That inspiration came not so much from what has been advertised about the IABS&R here or from the reviews I have written in response to the selected texts; the inspiration came from that part of the IABS&R which you probably aren’t aware of, which is an email I send to the IABS&R authors that consist of detailed and expansive feedback of contextual, proofing, and editing recommendations based upon my close reading of the text. I believe these emails have been of more value to the authors than either the exposure they’ve received through this site or the reviews of their work I post here or elsewhere.

So, in addition to a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the world Indie Publishing, that is the crux of what I bring to PROSOCHĒ: my ability to give a manuscript a close read and provide its author a deep and extensive critique of it.

So, please check PROSOCHĒ out if you feel so inclined and just maybe we can work together on a project of yours.

Now, with the advent of PROSOCHĒ, does it mean the end for the IABS&R? The answer is most certainly not. In fact, I am getting ready to kick off Volume IV as I am already in receipt of three books – you’ll be seeing the Book Reveal posts of them very soon so if you’d like your hard copy book to be entered in this volume you better send it to me pronto as my selection will be in a month or so.

As always, there’s a lot going on, of which I am very happy and even more thankful for.

If you have any questions about PROSOCHĒ, please let me know about them by contacting me through the site’s Contact Page.

Thank you and, as always…

Write On!


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I sure hope you don’t mind, but…

I’ve just been accepted into WordPress’s WordAds program.

I know, I know…

But, hey, I am an American of the US and you know how we like to market and consume and to consume and market.

Besides, you’re talking to (well, not really but you know what I mean) a guy on disability who needs the extra coin.

And oh yes I did just play the disability card.


The way I see it, playing the disability card is kind of like cigarettes — smoke ’em if you got ’em!

Anyway, to better accommodate things, I’m going to be changing up to a new theme.

Which stinks because I really love this theme.

But it’s probably gonna be a bit messy for a bit until I get things laid out all proper like.

I’m pretty sure some of you are gonna bail on me over this and I am very sorry for that.

You will be missed.


But you know what they say…

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Furthering the music discussion from a few posts down…

So now the New York Times is reporting that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is releasing his latest solo project, “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes,” via BitTorrent for a mere six bucks.

BitTorrent will take 10% off the top and Yorke pockets the rest.

That’s right, the same band that seven years ago pretty much pioneered the act of giving away music.

Well, it wasn’t an actual giveaway, per se – the deal was, a fan could set whatever price he or she was willing to pay for the download.

So yeah, it essentially was a giveaway. I mean, come on…

I remember when Radiohead first made the news for their “set-your-price” gimmick. I remember thinking how off-the-wall it was. I also remember thinking that they’ll probably lose their shirts on it. However, I don’t remember why I never “purchased” the album for myself.

Probably forgot (I like them. They’re good. But their music has never motivated me enough to want to acquire it. Even if it’s free…apparently).

But, oh my garsh, the irony of Yorke’s latest gimmick, no?

Can you just imagine if this works, if Yorke creates a new music distribution model through BitTorrent, and, presumably, through other bit torrent services. I mean, we’re talking the same type of massive file sharing services — i.e., illegal download sites — that deserves most of the blame (credit?) for crushing the legacy music industry into unrecognizable pebble dust.

And it just may work — according to the Times article, there have already been over 60K download purchases of the album.

But heck, even if it does work, it’s just delaying the inevitable. Soon there will no such thing as ownership.

Soon, like, maybe, now soon, everything we digitizedly desire will exist freely in the cloud…along with the torrent of advertising it will take to support this ethereal freedom.

But hey, I’ll take free…even if it is for a price.

Incidentally, if you want to get a copy of In Rainbows now, it will cost you a pretty penny…er, euro — £7.50, to be exact. My guess is they’re still trying to recoup that shirt they lost from the initial “set-your-price” gimmick.

[[ For a broader perspective on and the implications of Apple “giving” away U2’s Songs of Innocence, check out this thought-provoking article by A Little More Sauce: This is NOT a Gift: That U2 Album You Didn’t Ask For and the Possibility of Generosity ]]

Freemium Outrage

Okay, wait a minute…I thought we were permanently ensconced — imprisoned? — in the Age of Free, in an era where either you give it away or it will be illegally downloaded from you…or ignored completely.

What gives then, Millennials, with all the outrage over Apple’s gift – gift meaning free, the word that has completely destroyed the record industry and is on the verge of bringing down Hollywood and maybe even the Big 6 (or 5…I forget) Publishers – of U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence?”

What? You only like free when it’s an illegal download?

What? You cry “Big Brother” upon seeing the free album magically cued in your iTunes player and then forget we live in the Internet Age, which is synonymous with the Age of Free, and the Age of Open Identity, the Age where you share every possible detail about your life without any care whatsoever.

What? You already forgot Snowden?

But when Apple gives you a gift, one that cost them somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000,000.00 (that’s Thirty Million Dollars for those unfamiliar with dollars since they’re so used to getting everything free), which is the price Apple reportedly paid U2 so they could give it away, you freak out as if you had just had a mind-controlling robot implanted into your brain (which you probably wouldn’t mind as long as it was done either illegally or as a joke so you could post it on facebook or whatever social network your tribe has migrated to just so you can get a flurry of “likes” or whatever.

Give me a freekin break.

Think about it. Why shouldn’t Apple reward both U2 and you, too?

Both of you have made Apple enormous, uncomprehendable amounts of money.

It was U2 and their Vertigo commercial for Apple’s iPod that assisted Apple in changing the landscape — wrecking the landscape? — of music forever.

And it is you — or more likely your parents — who went out and bought those newfangled music players by the millions so you could be happy. Because let’s face it Millennial, it’s your happiness and only your happiness that matters these days.

So stop complaining for a change — please — and sit back, relax, and enjoy your gift of free music…