LEAVE: A Short Film

It is 1994 and the US military, while thick into the implementation of a highly controversial policy authorizing women more combat-related opportunities, including assignments on warships, is on the verge of war with Haiti. All the while, onboard a warship that is part of the battlegroup preparing to attack the hapless island nation, a roughhewn sailor comfortable in the old navy ways learns that his mother is sick. However, his efforts to be with her in her time of need are complicated by both the looming war and the unwanted influx of the first female sailors to his ship…

LEAVE, A Short Film



Our Vision

Create a Cinematic Work of Art that both
Entertains and Inspires Positive Change

Our Invitation

We, the cast and crew of LEAVE, invite and encourage you to join us in our effort to produce a short, dramatic film that, while set nearly a quarter of a century ago on a United States warship, will attempt to bring to light some of society’s most pressing issues of the day – patriarchy, gender discrimination, and misogyny – as told through the creative expression of an all-male navy crew that, as it prepares for war, is struggling to deal with the fact that their ship is about to receive its first female sailors.

It’s hardly a spoiler to say… the crew doesn’t deal with it very well and would much rather go to war than have their ship invaded by women.

Our Past Informs Our Future

Recently, the United States Congress followed through on promises that were first made back in the Nineties when then they began opening up some combat-related opportunities to women by, finally, opening up all combat-related opportunities to women. As with any new, pioneering endeavor, we can expect both victories and setbacks along the way as, in their desire to serve their country, women work to meet and overcome the risks and rewards that these exciting new opportunities and responsibilities will most surely provide them.

By revisiting the challenges that female sailors faced back in 1995 through films such as LEAVE and other awareness-raising mediums, we can better inform ourselves about the challenges that all women are facing right now, not just throughout the military, but throughout all aspects of society as women continue to seek equity in opportunity and in pay alongside their male peers and colleagues.

Our Request

LEAVE is a project powered only by our passion at this point. However, it will take more than our passion to bring LEAVE to the screen, as we anticipate there will be many costs associated with its production. For instance, we will have travel costs, location costs, insurance costs, promotional costs, film festival costs, personnel costs, just to name a few, that will tally close to $15,000.00.

Consequently, to supplement our limitless passion and due to our limited time, we soon be launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign where we will respectfully and humbly be requesting donations to help us raise the funds needed that will enable us to realize our vision of creating a cinematic work of art that will entertain us and inspire us to change things for the better.


For those who wish to support us in our efforts to produce LEAVE but are unable to do so monetarily, we ask that you please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and invite your network of family and friends to do the same.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

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