Best Horror Film of 2024

I’m always looking to be spooked in an intellectually plausible and unsettling cinematic way. Unfortunately, most modern horror flicks consistently fail me. However, I just watched a production that hits the mark spot on and it has chilled me right down to the marrow of my bones. Just never imagined such a horrific accomplishment could … Read more

William Gay is a genius

A literary one at least. The deceased author William Gay, that is, not the former professional football cornerback William Gay. Well, William Gay the cornerback may also be a literary genius, I’m just not aware of it. But I am aware that Nic Pizzolatto is too a genius, at least of the screenwriting variation, as … Read more

Time to drop the F-Bomb?

And by F-Bomb I mean the other nasty F-word… Fascist. And by fascist, I’m sure you know to whom I am referring it shall be dropped upon. Yeah, Trump, of course. Now, if you think like I do – and heaven help you if you do – but if you think like me then you … Read more


I used to smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of alcohol when I was younger. Had to maintain that infamous drunken sailor image that the navy worked so long and hard to develop. I quit smoking in 1990. I still miss cigarettes. I quit drinking in 2009. The day I learned I had leukemia. And … Read more

Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance

Life is all it is – joyful, sad, comprehensive, confusing, peaceful, violent, and on and on and on… Of course, regardless of what reality tries to tell one, it can only be what one – you, me, each unique individual making up the all of we – says it is. And no matter how hard … Read more



It used to be fun, and, quite frankly, quite therapeutic to release a rant or two around here back in the good ol’ days.

Any guesses to as when I’m referring to the “good ol’ days?”

Yeah… exactly.


Before the Catastrophic Era of Trump

But now, in these far less than good ol’ days…

One rants at one’s own risk.


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