There’s nothing Fixed that can’t be Broken Praise Jove, for without them, the Broken And all the Hope and Possibilities for which they allow There is nothing Redeemed There is nothing made New Again Beam of Sun meet Fall of Rain Aye, mourn not the absence of the Sol Relish instead the cool quenching of … Read more

Hungry Artists, Kafkian or Otherwise, Fasting for Influence, Spiritual or Otherwise

Why does one fast? The obvious answers to me are most likely for spiritual or health reasons, and, should the need arise, for political and judicial reasons as well. But who knows really — it’s such a strange thing to do if you think about it. Back in the Nineties, which some Dennis Hopper character … Read more

A Pebble is a Rock is a Mountain is Me

I look at the little pebble at my feet and can’t help but think But for the grace of god go I And then laugh Not out of humor But of fear Because he’s nowhere But within the magic of my mind The madness For, but for the grace of chance goes that pebble at … Read more

Seize Hard the Moment

Seize hard the moment Right now before it passes by Seize it with all your might With all your purpose And don’t question why Or wonder where it’s been Or wonder where it’s going Or wonder anything at all Just hold on to it And don’t let go As it forever evolves And leads you … Read more

No Mind, No Attachment

The Mind in its dimensions is broad and great, like empty space. It has no sides or limits, it is neither square nor round, neither large nor small. It is neither blue, yellow, red, nor white; it has neither upper nor lower; it is neither long nor short. It knows neither anger nor pleasure, neither … Read more


Did thine Savior truly say,
Blessed are those who do not doubt me,
Ere His mounting upon that skull-shaped hill?

If so, then needs must be to Him I pray
On a bended and shaky knee
Begging for Him to bless me, still.

For, while I have no doubt today
That the Son of God is He,
Tomorrow, without a doubt, I will.


“The Way” of Technology

Well, my bold Westworld binge-watching bonanza proclamation turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of ballyhooed BS…

I only got through the fourth episode before running out of time.

Consequently, I can’t provide anything much in the way of a review. But I can provide a bit of feedback that might mean something about its watchability

Which is… I kept falling asleep while watching it.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve taken some of my best naps during what turned out to be some of my favorite shows so my inability to stay awake while watching Westworld in and of itself doesn’t mean that much.

As for what I was able to stay awake for… I really like what it is trying to do in concept; however, its execution…

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