Best Horror Film of 2024

I’m always looking to be spooked in an intellectually plausible and unsettling cinematic way. Unfortunately, most modern horror flicks consistently fail me. However, I just watched a production that hits the mark spot on and it has chilled me right down to the marrow of my bones. Just never imagined such a horrific accomplishment could … Read more

The Pretense of Arthouse Movie Pretention

If you are of the persuasion to roll your eyes and shake your head in dismissive disbelief when hearing the terms arthouse or slow cinema, wondering how anyone could suffer through such pretentious nonsense, perhaps a la El Toro as discussed in a couple of blathering posts ago, then you need to watch something/anything from … Read more

Jodorowsky’s Doom

The MSN stalker bots do their job well and today I was easily hooked with a well-baited article entitled The Greatest Cult Movie Classics of All Time. All the usual suspects are on the list of course: The Big Lebowski, Plan 9 From Outer Space… And of coure The Rocky Horror Picture Show tops the … Read more

Memories of a Movie’s Production

It’s hard for me to believe that it has been seven years this month that my sons and I hauled ass out to North Hollywood, California to film Leave, a short film based upon my short story of the same name.

That was one fun and memorable experience.

The movie premiered as the 2018 LA Femme International Film Festival, and shortly thereafter found a home at Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, Amazon, in a huge diss to independent filmmakers all over the world, shut down its service to short films a couple of years ago and Leave has been without a distributor since.

I had plans to find a new home for Leave, but as we all know how way leads on to way, I never did…

Until now.

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Leave has Left the Building

And by building I mean Amazon Prime. Sadly, for reasons yet unknown to me, Amazon has decided to eliminate its entire catalog of short films, films which includes Leave and which happens to be an awesome film with an awesome director and an awesome cast and crew and which yours truly wrote and executive produced … Read more

The Indelible Shining

Great movie despite Stephen King’s protestations* — it’s one of those rare occasions when the movie out shines, so to speak, the book, which I found mostly laughable and long (as I do with most of King’s books) — and despite the horrible decision to cast Shelley Duvall, which, of course, resulted in her horrible … Read more

The Bogart Advantage

It’s a close call but this might be one of those rare instances where the movie outperforms the book. The flick does have an unfair advantage though with Bogart as the lead… For a crash course on a category that can be hard to pin down, Nicholas Ray’s psychologically complex “In a Lonely Place” has … Read more

Finally saw Joker

I’ll keep this short: It’s a masterpiece. All the controversy surrounding its release – incel triggering and/or otherwise – is laughable. My faith in Hollywood’s ability to create magic has been restored. I wish I could have attended its Cannes premier so I could have participated in the 8-minute standing ovation it received at the … Read more