Guiding Principles of a Daughter’s Dad

I'm not the smartest or greatest dad there is. Not even close. I have many faults and made many mistakes over the years that I regret. However, I do think I'm pretty good at understanding my faults and I work hard to minimize their impact to myself and others, especially to my family, as much … Continue reading Guiding Principles of a Daughter’s Dad


I’d like to introduce you to my little friends…

Friends and new family members, that is... While we have quite the cat already - Jack Kerouac - whom I introduced some time ago and can be found as part of Photography page's gallery collection, I am and always have been a dog man...besides, Kero-chan will have nothing to do with me as he is … Continue reading I’d like to introduce you to my little friends…


Yes, I really want to share this beautiful article with you posted by the most lovely site HappyNest In America (Translation here.)

But I also kinda wanted to sneak in some more Toad Spam, aka, Buddha Reincarnate… :)

HappyNest in America

 9月の末に、夫がプールのスキマーの掃除をしている最中に、蓋の下のバスケットの中にたまった葉っぱの上に一匹のカエルが座り込んでいるのを発見して救出してから、彼は、そのカエルを「プリンス・ルパート(ルパート王子:Prince Rupert)」と呼んで庭で遊ばせていたのですが、ルパート王子さまは、2日ほど庭のプールの周辺で眠ったり飛び跳ねたりして仲間と遊んだりした後、すっと姿を隠してしまってしまっていました。
 さまざまな神様が飾られた我が家の ‐ 夫曰く「ブツダン(参照:クリスマスの飾りをしまおう!)」- には、またしても私が居ぬ間に夫が移動させた「学業成就」のお札や、妹からの贈り物の安産のお守りや、鎌倉で購入したダイブツ様や、大黒様に見えなくもない木像のほかに、どうやら、庭の神様も仲間入りしたようです。


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にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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I don’t mean to make you jealous but…

As soon as I hit the "Publish" button on thisun here post, me and the fam are headin' right outta thatun there door to our local Suburban Bowlerama bowling alley for some bowling extravaganza righteousness and then headin' straight to the local movie theatre (complimentary foreign spelling for our English proper readers out there..for those … Continue reading I don’t mean to make you jealous but…