Piddling Over An Abstraction

Have you got five minutes to spare? No? No time, you say? Okay, if you had the time, what would you do with it? Take your time and think. I'm in no rush for I, personally, have all the time in the world. Please stop looking at your watch phone. Try to judge time's movement … Continue reading Piddling Over An Abstraction



So, I was thinking (yes, I understand the risks)... But, I was thinking, just imagine if each of the 25,109 and growing followers of this humble site were to donate just $1.00 to help me fund my film LEAVE... Just imagine how much that would be! Keep in mind that I am a product of … Continue reading BELIEVE IN LEAVE

The bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio

It must mean something that I’m coming across this and that about my hometown on the web recently (maybe it has something to do with the Cavs realigning the Universe with their winning of the NBA Championship).

Thanks so much to my friend Ava of Fresh Brewed Thoughts for “bridging” this to my attention.

Please visit Bruce Stambaugh’s wonderful site to see all of his beautiful covered bridge photographs.

Roadkill Crossing

covered bridge Benetka Road Bridge.

By Bruce Stambaugh

I’ve been curious about covered bridges for a long time. I wondered about their purpose other than the obvious one of crossing from one side of a stream to another.

My curiosity got the best of me recently. Accompanied by my wife and another couple, we went exploring all 18 of Ashtabula County’s covered bridges. We discovered that the unique architectural wonders were so much more than a conveyance from one bank to another.

If you’re not familiar with Ashtabula County, it’s Ohio’s northeastern most county. It bumps against both Lake Erie on the north and Pennsylvania to the east.

It’s a big county with varied topography and land usage. Its trail of covered bridges is one of its most distinctive features. Most of the bridges are still in use today.

Covered bridge hobbyists admire the intricate architectural details of the wooden tunnels. I…

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No Point In Asking

When I first began articulating this post in my head, it was framed around the question, "When will it all end?" But after just a few seconds of contemplation around it I quickly realized that question is quite ridiculous. Obviously, we are no where near a point in which we can even begin speculating about … Continue reading No Point In Asking

PARIS | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

PARIS by elizabeth stokkebye Seventeen and in Paris on my own. It was my first encounter with the city of love and I was fortunate to stay with an aunt and uncle, who both being workaholics, left me with oceans of time to explore. I hurried out the door to experience the vast world of … Continue reading PARIS | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

Kicking the Year Off – Write: Poetry

Another day has passed Another year has passed And, woe, others shall pass anon Who amongst us needs such a curse As that which forever to us will elude As that which forever to us will delude Yea, instead, choose to seek thine peace In that which shan't ne'er forsake For 'tis thy present ~~~~ … Continue reading Kicking the Year Off – Write: Poetry

Haiku, Senryū, and the Subtleties In Their Similarities and Differences

If I had a bit more courage and a lot more scholarship, I would have discussed the similarities and differences between a haiku poem and a senryū poem in the introduction of my newly released book of poetry Short Verses & Other Curses: Haiku, Senryū, Tanka & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany. However, seeing … Continue reading Haiku, Senryū, and the Subtleties In Their Similarities and Differences

Scott Weiland

I Killed Scott Weiland?

  I killed him? You killed him? We all killed him? It's what we do? It's what we think? It's our expectations? It's what you expect of me? It's what I expect of you? Your expectations are killing me? My expectations are killing you? Self-fulfilling Prophecies? I talk a lot about living here. And dying … Continue reading I Killed Scott Weiland?