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The bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio

It must mean something that I’m coming across this and that about my hometown on the web recently (maybe it has something to do with the Cavs realigning the Universe with their winning of the NBA Championship).

Thanks so much to my friend Ava of Fresh Brewed Thoughts for “bridging” this to my attention.

Please visit Bruce Stambaugh’s wonderful site to see all of his beautiful covered bridge photographs.

Roadkill Crossing, and other tales from Amish Country

covered bridge Benetka Road Bridge.

By Bruce Stambaugh

I’ve been curious about covered bridges for a long time. I wondered about their purpose other than the obvious one of crossing from one side of a stream to another.

My curiosity got the best of me recently. Accompanied by my wife and another couple, we went exploring all 18 of Ashtabula County’s covered bridges. We discovered that the unique architectural wonders were so much more than a conveyance from one bank to another.

If you’re not familiar with Ashtabula County, it’s Ohio’s northeastern most county. It bumps against both Lake Erie on the north and Pennsylvania to the east.

It’s a big county with varied topography and land usage. Its trail of covered bridges is one of its most distinctive features. Most of the bridges are still in use today.

Covered bridge hobbyists admire the intricate architectural details of the wooden tunnels. I…

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Haiku, Senryū, and the Subtleties In Their Similarities and Differences

If I had a bit more courage and a lot more scholarship, I would have discussed the similarities and differences between a haiku poem and a senryū poem in the introduction of my newly released book of poetry Short Verses & Other Curses: Haiku, Senryū, Tanka & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany. However, seeing …

Life Is

it's funny, life is we are so busy living we forget to live   Let's Send The Year Out In Poetic Style See Newsletter Love (007-15) for details Must be a subscriber to participate    


  blossoms and decay from rose to a tangled rot such is this, our lot #boo    

‘Tis When

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Nebula Cultus no.6

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Backyard Bliss no.2

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NO RACE TO CALL HOME: A Relating to Humans Race Issue by newmommytesla

NO RACE TO CALL HOME newmommytesla   I have no idea what race or culture to identify with. My blood is mixed. I don’t fit into any one category. I’m Aztec, Spanish, Scottish-Irish, English, German, and little slivers of many more. It was difficult growing up, not being able to relate to one side. Not …

Sailors, All Are We*

To all the Sailors lost at Sea Whatever to Them Their Sea May be And remembering thus That all of Us Through Life Are Sailing We *This poem is the dedication for the forthcoming short story collection LEAVE: And Other Stories Short And Shorter    

Nebula Cultus no.5

During that half-measured beat of our lives for Heaven, we look upward to Sky for Hell, downward to Earth All while desperately, dependently, desirously existing within an infinitely expanding Universe - our One Song Eternal - a Rhythmical Void void of Direction of Time A Void where that which we seek be it that Heaven, …

WALKING ALONG THE RAILWAY: A Relating to Humans Photography Feature by Saptorini

Love this shot. Many more equally beautiful at Saptorini's website. Check it out.. I also encourage you to check out Jordan Dodd's work as part of our Residency Program. Let me know if you have a large, creative project you would like to host here as part of our initiative to spread the Creative Love. …