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If You Could Read My Mind – Coming Soon To a Microchip Near You(r Brain)

This is a really cool and rather creepy news story about our technological ability to read minds by NPR:   To listen, click here.

This is a really beautiful and rather sad song about love lost by Gordon Lightfoot:




Props to #TEAMNASA

How cool is it that this little guy, after buzzing through space for nearly ten years, was able to do a fly-by of Pluto and open that apparently still-living planet (is it or isn’t it a planet) to us like it’s never been before; and is now, as I type, over 3,000,000,000 – as in three billion with a B – miles (I believe you need to multiply by 1.6 if you speak in metric, but I’m American so I’m probably the last person who would know) away and counting…

Pretty cool.

I wonder if it will ever catch up with the Voyager Mission

Doubt it seeing that Voyager 1 has a 25-year head start on it and has already left the solar system…

Along with Elvis.



New Horizons