The Boss Rick Ross

Hope the reports about Big Rick being on life support aren't true, but wanted to put some positive vibes out there for him just in case. Here are a few of my favorite vids of his or in collaboration with others. Be careful, they are explicit and NSFW* #prayforrick #freemeekmill   *Not safe for work … Continue reading The Boss Rick Ross


What’s My Name, Again?

And here I thought it was going to be such a dramatic hassle to change the name of my novel from The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor to Inside the Skin. I mean, I've been wanting to change it for quite a while now but kept putting it off thinking it would take a … Continue reading What’s My Name, Again?

The Coathangers

Back in the last millennium during the age of analog and airmail a buddy of mine used to subscribe to CMJ, a music magazine that with each monthly issue would include a "mixtape" CD (ah, CDs, back when life was much simpler and slower) jam packed with singles from new and up and coming bands. … Continue reading The Coathangers

Drugs, Death, and Rock & Roll

  Did not know Wayne Static had died in 2014. What a frikkin' bummer. I'm a fan of Industrial Music -- Rock, Metal, Electronic -- with Nine Inch Nails being my typical band of choice whenever I'm jonesing for a deep, dark, dystopic fix. But whenever I was in need for an adrenaline fix, Wayne … Continue reading Drugs, Death, and Rock & Roll

Rockin’ with The Donald in the Nothing’s for Free World

According to this Rolling Stones article, this is his favorite song: Ah, I'm just kidding... Actually, the article speculates that he is pretty much your typical orange white rich dude who listens to mostly Classic Rock. He personally created playlists for his rallies during the campaign and always closed with this Classic (barely) Rock song: … Continue reading Rockin’ with The Donald in the Nothing’s for Free World

In Honor of the Far Too Many Legendary Rockers We Lost This Year…

...many of whom came to us from that Rock Empire across the pond affectionately known as Britain, I celebrate this Holiday* Season Weekend with a contemporary British rock band called BRING ME THE HORIZON. Finding their fame as a screamo band, with the screamo genre being a derivative of the once popular emo genre, BMTH … Continue reading In Honor of the Far Too Many Legendary Rockers We Lost This Year…

The Toe-Tappin’ Truth

As my about page< attests, I like all kinds of music: punk, metal, industrial, classical, rock, rap, and just about any alternative therewith or without. But it seems that whenever I listen to Bluegrass more than any other genre, I always find myself thinking... Now that's music. Ralph Stanley, a legend of the genre, died … Continue reading The Toe-Tappin’ Truth