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With words full of mystical might Wise Prophets forebode unto thee Thine future of terrors and frights For only a nominal fee   #prayforthespindoctors  


WOMENSHISTORYMONTH.GOV National Women’s History Month 2017 Theme: “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business” NWHP.ORG ★ ★ ★ Japan’s Business Federation Sent This All-Female Delegation to the Trump White House via Fortune  

Sticking It To The Man: A Cultural Response





Actus Magazine

By Abigail Gilson 

There is a reinvigorated cultural response to the current political dysfunction on the rise. Artists from around the world have mobilised together to troll Trump by creating controversial protest paintings, sculptures, and murals- and they’re holding nothing back. There is no limit of political satire nor hues of orange in these depictions of the U.S president however their outright messages have provoked censorship across social media sites (so much for free speech, eh) and even the administration has threatened particular artists with litigation. Alas, all is not lost with this dose of cultural reassurance: here are five distorted versions of D.T that are sure to make protest-art great again.  

Emotional Downloads by James Ostrer

1168536(Donald Trump), ED 213M

This grotesque rendition of Donald Trump is not for the soft-stomached as it is curated completely from raw meat, fish, chewed up pieces of croissant and drizzled in…

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What Will It Take?

I've lost several fb friends and many followers here because of my relentless fixation on Trump's autocratic aspirations and the similarities between his rise to power with Hitler's. I ain't gonna lie to you -- I've often in the past second-guessed myself and wondered if I, in fact, wasn't just being too alarmist and snowflake-like …

Transgender Community* Trumped by the Arc and Bent of Autocratic Politics

WARNING! THIS IS A LONG POST: AS IS THIS ONE: My fury throughout the whole last campaign to and through the election until now has never been much about politics. Politics in this country, while they have been expanding outward toward the wacky fringes leaving the mostly moderate radicals (the rarity of moderates these days …

“Post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to our current affairs section”

I wish I were smart enough to be able to claim this post's eye/brain-catching headline as my own. But, alas, I cannot because I got it from this read-worthy #longread of an article written by John Feffer, a journalist and author who, with his read-worthy article, attempts to (in subtle sublimity) -- and in my …

Inside the National Museum of African American History & Culture

President Trump visited our nation's newest national museum today and provided a few remarks afterwards, a video of which can be found below. I have not yet visited the museum so I spent some time learning a bit about it. I found several interesting videos that provide a narrative insight alongside a look inside the …

Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…

The first observation: Mad Dog Mattis must be mad as hell for having to humiliate himself by being the face of our national apology for Trump's war-crime declaration that we should have and still just might take Iraq's oil; not to mention the fact that he, Mattis, has to tap dance around the fact that …


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ★ ★ ★ While the president does everything within his …

From Author Dave Astor: Guest Literature Post by Donald Trump!

I was considering writing a satire post (i.e., FAKE Post!) with its premise being our so-called president writing it as a Guest Author.

As I was getting set to channel Trump for the writing, I got cold fingers, so to speak, from the damage the channeling might do to my so-called brain; so, I backed slowly away from the keyboard, thought about it for a minute, then made the decision to search around to see if anyone had already done something similar.

I’m happy to have lost my courage to allow my brain to think as a non-reading Trump would and I am awe at the courage author Dave Astor possesses and the risks he was willing to take to share his brain and blog with him, for his sacrifices have allowed us to enjoy this reblogged post of his.

If you’re a reader of such things as “books” that are written with more than 140 words and that may contain troubling brain hurdles such as nuance and non-linear plot and plotless constructs, then you must check out Mr. Astor’s witty and wise blog.


Dave Astor on Literature

This blog will be different today, because Donald Trump demanded to write a guest piece. I told him he doesn’t read literature or know much about it, but he insisted. Anyway, things will go back to normal next week, but until then…herrrrrre’s the illegitimate president:

The Donald (me) doesn’t read novels, but I do read the backs of cereal boxes. Lots of back story, ya know?

Actually, I know a yuge amount about fiction. Not the literary kind — the “alternative facts” kind.

I can’t deal with The Wings of the Dove. Why didn’t Henry James write The Wings of the War Hawk? Sad.

The Red Badge of Courage? Stephen Crane — what a loser. Believe me, I showed more courage getting Vietnam War deferments for alleged bone spurs in my heels, even though I played a ton of sports at the time with no problem. They…

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The “Good Old Days”

We all have our stereotypes, prejudices, and other indelible insensitive and less-than-helpful outlooks on life regardless how hard we might try to suppress them or convince ourselves otherwise. Often, these insensitive outlooks on life and our inability to suppress them put very heavy assumptive blinders around our thinking. And narrowly-focused thinking can, while unintended, often …

A Tale of Two Realities…

Trump and His Alt-Right Supporters' Alt-Reality: A FINE-TUNED MACHINE   Actual Reality: CHAOS TIME: Inside Donald Trump's White House Chaos #chaosisthenewnorm #mindthemindcontrol  

Rockin’ with The Donald in the Nothing’s for Free World

According to this Rolling Stones article, this is his favorite song: Ah, I'm just kidding... Actually, the article speculates that he is pretty much your typical orange white rich dude who listens to mostly Classic Rock. He personally created playlists for his rallies during the campaign and always closed with this Classic (barely) Rock song: …

I’ve been a #Trump alarmist from the start, but what do I know…

Admittedly, I know not much about many things; but still, even with my unsophisticated eye I have been able to see the authoritarian writing on the proverbial [Mexican] wall long before Trump's construction on it [deconstruction of it] will begin [had begun]. But who cares what a no name know nothing like me whines on …


Brady and Belichick support Trump. Trump supports Putin. Putin supports oppression. Oppression supports fear. Fear supports hate. Hate supports violence. Violence supports violence. Violence supports violence. Violence supports violence... Support freedom, peace, and love. Support the Falcons. #happyfootballday #kaepernick