Twilight Zone

I know Trump's been in power for over a year, but I still haven't fully come to terms with it. I mean, never before Trump would I ever had considered that we would live in such an absurd and dangerous time where we would find a former CIA Director in a very public dispute with … Continue reading Twilight Zone


Trump is an evil Putin-light d–k!

Putin deals with any threat to his criminal regime through intimidation and murder. At least Trump deals with the threats to his criminal behavior only through intimidation and firings. No murders (that we know of). . .yet. After months of bashing him on twitter and calling for his firing, Andrew McCabe, a career FBI agent, … Continue reading Trump is an evil Putin-light d–k!

Death by Stooges

According to this, "The Trump administration apparently found [Peter Navarro, the little known stooge/fringe economist/mastermind behind Trump's whacked-out trade war] after Jared Kushner, most likely thirsting for knowledge, searched for books about China on Amazon. There, he found Navarro's "Death by China." My first experience with Navarro was seeing him interviewed by Chris Wallace on … Continue reading Death by Stooges

Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

I watched this video, remembering "fondly" how utterly incompetent Dubya was and how utterly destructive and deadly his administration was, yet never once being suspicious that he was pining whole-heartedly to become Autocrat-in-Chief (I did have my suspicions about Dick Cheney, though) or fearing he was set on undermining the American Way of Life just … Continue reading Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

For some reason I’ve been humming this song all day long…

Despite the fact that Southern Man don't need those of Neil's and my ilk around anyhow.   #hardtobelievewehavetocelebratethefactanallegedchildmolestorlostanelection #harderstilltobelievewehavetomournthefactanadmittedsexualmolesterwonthepresidency #apologiesforthemassiveracistsymbolthatissoproudlydisplayedinthatvideo #resist  

A Guest Post by Author Larry Kahaner

READ KURT'S FIVE-STAR REVIEW OF LARRY'S THRILLER: USA, INC.     GREED AND THE CONSTITUTION A Novel Pair By Larry Kahaner   I enjoy writing about greed. It's an emotion that intrigues me because I'm not a greedy person, so I'm fascinated by those who are. I want to understand it, and, for me, this … Continue reading A Guest Post by Author Larry Kahaner

A First-Rate Fish Tale of a Thriller: USA, Inc. – A Review

BOOK | FICTION | THRILLER USA, Inc. (A Mike Wardman Novel: Book 1) by Larry Kahaner RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   When acclaimed and prolific author, investigative journalist, and private investigator Larry Kahaner reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a copy of his latest thriller, USA, … Continue reading A First-Rate Fish Tale of a Thriller: USA, Inc. – A Review

Hollywood gets it…

Samuel L. Jackson caused a bit of a buzz recently for his complaint about British actors being cast in roles written for American characters, partly because, he believes, British actors are cheaper hires.     So, essentially what I am hearing is... Jackson has the same gripe as every other American whose job has been … Continue reading Hollywood gets it…

For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix

Read an interesting CNBC article how a young kid (twenty-four is still a kid to an old dud of a fart like me) was able to make mucho dinero by stalking the fundraising sites, identifying which products are drawing in the investors, and then beating the fundraisers to market with knock-offs of what they are … Continue reading For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix

Sticking It To The Man: A Cultural Response





Actus Magazine

By Abigail Gilson 

There is a reinvigorated cultural response to the current political dysfunction on the rise. Artists from around the world have mobilised together to troll Trump by creating controversial protest paintings, sculptures, and murals- and they’re holding nothing back. There is no limit of political satire nor hues of orange in these depictions of the U.S president however their outright messages have provoked censorship across social media sites (so much for free speech, eh) and even the administration has threatened particular artists with litigation. Alas, all is not lost with this dose of cultural reassurance: here are five distorted versions of D.T that are sure to make protest-art great again.  

Emotional Downloads by James Ostrer

1168536(Donald Trump), ED 213M

This grotesque rendition of Donald Trump is not for the soft-stomached as it is curated completely from raw meat, fish, chewed up pieces of croissant and drizzled in…

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La La La La La La La…

Missed Trump's big speech last night. Not because I was balled up in the corner of my dark and damp basement with my eyes closed and ears plugged chanting la la la la la la la to drown out any possibility of hearing it until it was over. No, I missed it because I mercifully … Continue reading La La La La La La La…

Untangling Trump One Tangled Lie at a Time

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ~ Vladimir Lenin In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State. ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn ★ ★ ★ It's out there, the Truth about Trump. It just takes time to untangle his international web of lies and deceit... … Continue reading Untangling Trump One Tangled Lie at a Time

What Will It Take?

I've lost several fb friends and many followers here because of my relentless fixation on Trump's autocratic aspirations and the similarities between his rise to power with Hitler's. I ain't gonna lie to you -- I've often in the past second-guessed myself and wondered if I, in fact, wasn't just being too alarmist and snowflake-like … Continue reading What Will It Take?

Speaking of Awards Season…

I nominate so-called, our so-called president's go-to word-choice* for put-downs, for this year's "Best Word" award. Did you catch his last usage of it? The so-called angry crowds... This guy, I tell ya... If he weren't already the president he should really consider being a cheesy reality TV star. Anyway, speaking of put-downs... Merriam-Webster deserves … Continue reading Speaking of Awards Season…

In view of it being Awards Season…

I nominate this amazing New Yorker image for this year's "Best Supporting Image" award. I'm not certain if the article it is in support of is worthy to be nominated for this year's "Best Article" award because I haven't finished it yet because it's so damn long it should have its own Executive Summary. I … Continue reading In view of it being Awards Season…