Leave Is In The Can!

It’s been over a three-year process but Leave is finally completed and I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am of it. I especially can’t wait until you can see it.

But first it has to go to the film festivals and we have already begun the submittal process. I will send out updates of the (many (hopefully)) festivals that pick it up.

We will have a trailer for it soon and once it’s ready I will release it, as well as a very cool documentary of the film’s making, here for you to check out.

In the interim, I invite you to check out some of the work Leave’s amazing producer Jeff Hammer has recently been involved with.

Jeff wrote, produced, and directed the feature film Live Or Die In La Honda, which is being distributed by Freestyle Digital Media and can be streamed on Amazon and other services.

He also produced a web series called Personal Space which has also been picked up by Amazon and can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Like I said, Jeff’s an amazing dude so check out his work if you have the chance.

Things are getting crazy (and by crazy I mean frikkin’ awesome)!



Papers, Please

This amazing short film is trending on youtube. I don’t always check to see what’s trending on youtube because usually there are only inane things I have no interest in; however, I may have to start checking more often if there is the chance that there is more quality art to discover such as this quality production.

Interestingly/oddly, the film is based upon a video game created by Lucas Pope.

Perhaps there is hope for humanity after all…



Depressing Pasty White Boys Playlist for Melancholic Moods and Writing Inspiration

So, the past couple weeks I’ve been in a last-minute frenzy (the best way I find to write) to finish the screenplay for a feature film version of Leave.

Yeah, we’re now – no jokin’ – just days away of getting Leave, the short film version*, in the can and we will soon be submitting the production (and let me tell ya, it’s been one hell of a production (to say the least)) to all the various and sundry film festivals throughout the lands near and far.

And, as we’re all hoping (I know, I know all you hardcore military grunts – HOPE IS NOT A COURSE OF ACTION!), and some of us are even borderline expecting, that there will be some interest after seeing the short film from the moneyed movie moguls who will be out there cruising all the various and sundry festivals looking for their next feature film project.

If that’s the case and there is interest in backing a full-length version of “Leave” by the said moneyed movie moguls well we surely must be able to snap out before them a fresh and tasty screenplay of a full-length version of “Leave.”

Hence, the current frenzy.

Anyway, because the feature film I envision, and one which I am in a frenzy writing towards, is dark and melancholic, I need to daily get myself into a dark and melancholic writing mood.

And who better to get me into these dark and melancholic moods than none other than a bunch of musically inclined, depressed, pasty white boys like yours truly (sans the depression** and the musical inclinations, of course).

So, in case you were thinking to yourself, Hey, I wonder what that pasty white boy Brindley listens to when he’s writing dark and melancholic subject matter, and why would you be…

But in case you were, I would like to share with you some of the stuff I’ve been listening to these past couple weeks while writing in a spastic and frantic frenzy.

BTW, I know us pasty white boys aren’t held in high regard much these days, and with all the lame shit we’ve been up to, why would we be, but if there’s one thing we’re good at… it’s depressing the hell out of people.

So sit back, close your eyes, get a box of tissues, and enjoy the tearful melodies…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*For a free copy of the short story collection that features “Leave,” the short story from which the screenplay for the short film “Leave” was adapted, and of which the feature film “Leave” will be based upon, click here***.

**Depression is no joking matter, as is evidenced by the fact that three of the artists on this list who suffered from the disease have tragically taken their own lives. If you or someone you love/know is depressed, please don’t ignore it or wish it away… seek immediate help.

***Of course, nothing in life is every truly free, so, yes, there is a catch…


What is Gotham Trying to Say about Interracial Marriages?

The Mad Hatter, courtesy of modernmythmedia.com

Even though I grew up a comic book nerd, I’m pretty much over all the Marvel/DC Comics superhero movies. I used to watch them religiously at the movie theater – because if one must watch a big budgeted bloated bonanza of bombastic visual proportions, then it must be watched while on the big screen – however, I’m trying very hard to wean myself off of them. Key word: trying.

Despite the fact that I know without a doubt I’m going to be hugely disappointed at the movie’s end, I still find it hard to resist them. For instance, the buzz around the Black Panther movie is phenomenal so chances are pretty good I’ll make the trek to my local Frank’s Theatre and hope for the best… while still expecting the worst.

Fortunately, thanks to the likes of HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the… like, the superhero genre has not been left behind during this amazing renaissance of television we’re happily going through.

As for there being any good content on broadcast television, I wouldn’t know. I haven’t watched anything on any of the broadcast channels, other than sports, since Happy Days went off the air… what has it been? a year or two ago?

Except for one broadcast show, that is.


I am off on a hardcore wide-eyed binge on that show, which should tell you that I don’t actually watch it when it’s broadcasted on Fox. No way. Never again will I be a slave to a network time slot.

I watch Gotham as any discerning 21st Century viewer would, at my leisure on that amazing little channel of an app called Netflix.

With all its dark, demented, hyper-violence, let me tell ya… Gotham is good. Real good. It actually feels like a comic book has been brought to life, making it exactly what a discerning 21st Century television viewer like yours truly wants…

And deserves.

Anyway, onward to the point of this overly prolific post…
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