One of these Fine Looking Books will be our selection for the IABS&R Volume IV…

I was going to post this on Saturday, seeing that August 8 was the last day for submissions to this volume of the Indie Author Book Selection & Review, but when I went to check my post office box – something I do only infrequently or when one of you kind folk email me to tell me that your book is happily on its way to me – and what to my wondering eyes did appear on the door to the office but a sign advising that the joint closes at 11:00 am on Saturdays. It was 12:30 pm. Unfulfilled me…

And so I went and checked again yesterday and found my box chock full of, not books, but junk mail.

My intention was to then come home to write this post; however, I got bullied over by all the nastiness in the news and ended up writing what I wrote… That gun thing.

So here we are. And below, I present to you four very fine looking books written by three assuredly fine writing authors. For the next couple weeks or so I will peruse them, mull over them, perhaps sacrifice a pencil or two to the Writing Gods, and then eventually come to a decision as to which book will be selected to receive the Full Monty review treatment as advertised and promised by me (read over various IABS&R pages to get an idea of just what a Full Monty review treatment may possibly entail).

So, in the interim, how about you also check out the four submissions by clicking through their respective book reveals, the guest posts by their respective authors, and maybe even purchasing one or all of them.

And if you do happen to purchase one or all of them, it would be pure awesomeness if you were to also write a smoking hot review of those that you read and post it on your site and on Amazon and on Goodreads and on any other place you can think of that will hark a clarion call to all readers of the world what you, yourself, have witnessed.

Can you dig?

Because that’s what this is all about…

Supporting and perhaps even celebrating Indie Authors.

Right on?

So here they are as advertised and promised by moi:


NYX – A Short Story by Stephanie Buosi

What is it about the way that some words can be arranged and aligned in such a way that they can take us to places we’ve never been before?

Who knows, right? I’m just thankful that it happens at all.

All I know is that when I read Stephanie’s story it moved me in ways I couldn’t explain. Maybe it was the way she described the setting…the beach, the waves, the bonfire. I could almost feel the pull of the moon.

I grew up on Lake Erie and there was a time long, long ago that I could have been one of those mindless teenagers out there running around in the sand, mindless of life that lay before me. Annoying those who already know all too well.

Yeah, I don’t know why it is that Stephanie’s stories moves me the way it does…

I’m just glad it does.

Thank you, Stephanie, for sending me your sad yet magical and wonderfully titled story of inspiration.

In Spirit…


Stephanie Buosi

by Stephanie Buosi

Silly little girls are dancing in bikinis. Their boys chase them around a bonfire on the beach. The waves lap at their heels and mine, although I am neither silly nor wearing a bikini. I hear their laughter as an insult. They play with the night and use the darkness in their game of cat and mouse. I skulk around them unnoticed and am easily on my way.

Perhaps I should have joined in their games. But I walk in a dream, and am afraid of feeling joy only to wake up again.

I told no one.

In a sense, I suppose you could say I ran away. But you can’t tell the people who are the fabric of your life of your decision to quit your home, your job, your life, and head to the beach. You are also a part of the fabric of their lives, and they would never let you go willingly; there would at least be one round of guilt. No. It is always best to just slip away.

I went to the beach because you never took me to the beach. When I press my toes into the white sand the only imprint is mine. You are nowhere near this beach, so I can breathe a little easier.

I could still smell you back in the home I quit. On the bed, against the wall, on the kitchen counter pressed against the granite… you were still there. That was why I sold the house. It now legally belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Collins, respectively. They were a nice couple, yet I still wanted to spit in their faces when they agreed to the price. Why so little? Couldn’t they see what I was giving up?

You were a part of my shadow. You knew my darkness, and relished the bad with the good. You knew I was a bit of everything, and loved to touch it all. Now no one can touch me and you made sure of this. Perhaps I let you have too much. Every night, as I walk home, I remember this and let myself fall on the sand. I sink like a stone thrown in water. This is another reason why I chose the beach; sand is much softer than concrete, and my knees no longer hurt when they smack the ground.

I am playing such a strange role. Who knew I could be so powerful as to be untouchable? I am now a league onto my own, possessing of something no one else will know. Because how can they know? You were my shadow alone.

I have to skip around starfish on my walk home. Every night they are pushed by the waves to their deaths, and leave behind beautiful concrete memories of their lives. The locals collect them in wicker baskets and sell them to ambivalent tourists during the day. Their bodies are treasured, and they become something more than star-shaped predators belonging to the class Asteroidea.

You. Homo sapiens. Workaholic. Wonderful fingers. Belonging to me. Once. And now you belong to the God you worshiped, and I can only touch you through sleep, shadow, or imagination. I hope you are aware that you are challenging my sanity. Are you happy?

I wore a mask at the funeral. I wore a mask so others would not be frightened of me. You wouldn’t have recognized me. I was all dolled up, but felt so cold. People spoke to me and all I could do was smile. But at least with a mask on they had the courage to try. You were right there but so far away. I couldn’t have touched you even if I tried.

The beach is usually deserted at night. Most are afraid to venture beyond the reach of a streetlight. They stay on the boardwalk with drinks in their hands and listen to loud music to drown the call of gently crashing waves. They are afraid of the loneliness, I think. The ocean is a siren that provokes thoughts most would rather hide behind dirty martinis.

But there is freedom in the dark. I can be me: powerful and untouchable as I ache for you.

The girls and boys are now disembodied voices drifting along the sea breeze, and their bonfire now a candle against an inky sky. Life once again feels like a dream. Colorless, the world holds the potential for green skies or purple sand. Whatever I imagine the world to be I can paint it over the black of night. Perhaps I can paint you beside me?

Putting one step in front of the other is not a hard thing to do. I do that every night. I put one foot in front of the other and hope that my steps will bring me to a place of peace. I hope to find a place where I can feel okay without you.

I know it will come. Night cannot exist without day.


Hey Author, got a Short Story for me to read?

So, I may have mentioned before that I am putting together a short story collection.

Working Title: LEAVE & Other Stories Short & Shorter.

I have most of it in place but it needs one or two more stories to round it out.


I’m stuck.

In a rut.

Shootin’ blanks.

One beer short of a six-pack…

Huh? Wait.


I haven’t been making much progress lately so I got to thinking…

Yeah I know, I know.

Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe if I read something really good, really fresh, it could jigger my brain back into its creative mode and I could get these last couple stories knocked out.

So what do you say, Author?

Got a short story for me to read?

If so, please cut and paste your 5000 words or less story into the comment block on the Contact page and send it to me by midnight, Thursday, April 16, 2015.

I will read all that I receive and then post the one I like best here on the ol’ blogaroo at 8PMish, not this Friday but the next, April 17, 2015, and invite the author to share a guest post with us right here on the aforementioned blogaroo.

If you have the story posted somewhere on your blog, tell us about it in the comment section and leave us a link. But for it to be selected, you must email it to me as ‘xplained above.



You and your short story will really be doing me and my brain a big favor.


Caption This! no.2 – Winner

Caption This! no2
There. This last one should connect us to the Mother Ship.


Well, that was a blast.

Many of your captions drew forth legit lols out of me.

However, congratulations are in order to Photon Smith for submitting the most legit caption of them all as is evidenced by all the votes his* received!

Photon Smith

Please take the time to visit with Photon Smith at his website and to personally offer him* your congratulations…and then stick around a bit to check out what he’s got going on there. Looks pretty cool!

Thanks to all for the fun and laughter…
*non-gender specific


Caption This! no.1 – Winner

Catch 22 Saloon
Catch 22 Saloon…if the food doesn’t get you, the spirits will.


Congratulations to my buddy mojoshawn for coming in with the winning caption for our very first Caption This! contest of sort.


I would just like to say how happy I am to be able to introduce you to Shawn here. While Shawn and I have never met in person, we have become good friends via our blogging relationship. Please take the time to visit with mojoshawn at his site and I am certain you will find him just as interesting and fun and friendly as do I.

Thanks, Shawn, for your friendship and support.

Caption This! no.1

Catch 22 Saloon
Your caption could be here


I saw this today while cruising Eastern Baltimore.

Many thoughts came to mind when I saw it.

However, I thought it would be fun to see what comes to your mind when seeing it.

Post your caption in the comment section.

Caption with the most “Likes” win.

Picture will be posted tonight with winning caption and a link to the winner’s website.

Have fun!


A Conclusion of our Two-Week Daily Writing Prompt Pilot…of sort

Well that sure was a fast two weeks.

Time flies when you’re having fun having to come up with new and different things to write about on a daily basis.

So, let’s get to the bottom line first, as we like to say in the military.

Bottom line: the Daily Writing Prompts are daily no more.

I think we all realize that, while we had many very talented and creative authors submitting work, we just don’t have a large enough interest to support this as a daily, long-term endeavor.

So, instead, we will have random writing prompts as the mood – and time availability – strikes me. Stay tuned for those…

But the past two weeks were a big nuclear blast of awesomeness and I would like to recognize and thank all those who submitted their creative efforts in an effort to support of this effort of a daily writing prompt thingie. To do so, I list their names by order of submission count. And we all know that the best way for all of us to recognize and thank all of them is for all of us to follow all of them and visit their sites regularly and comment often on their work.

Josh Wrenn (7) –

karen rawson (4) –

Mandy Moran (4) –

Priyanki (3) –

Dancing Echoes (2) –

J Hardy Carroll (2) –

Guidance Fitness Personal Training (2)

gabriel360live (2) –

kanzensakura –

randomwordbyruth –

intuitivemeditation –

mjlstories –

Ritu –

Myas –

Clintington –

Satin Sheet Diva –

Yoshiko –

NR Wishart Healing –

Jesani D –

Doug –

(I apologize if I miscounted or misspelled)

What a very wonderful list of authors. Truly. I am most thankful for all’s encouraging support of this most fun and entertaining of endeavors. And I especially would like to thank Josh Wrenn for his motivating support and for getting out there to “beat the bushes,” so to speak, in an effort to drum up more participation. Thanks, Josh!

Now, back to other things – like refocusing on our Newsletter Love Emerson, First Commitment. I invite everyone to subscribe to our little salon-like space of a newsletter full of love and join us there in another writing challenge of sort…

Right on?

Write on!

Speaking of Weird…

What do you all make of Harper Lee?

I mean, obviously she went to the same Passive-Aggressive Secret and Silent Public Relations school as JD “The Secluded” Salinger, whereas Salinger specialized more in the art of silently aggressive relations and she more in the silently passive sort.

I mean, come on… You write one of the bestest novels in the history of novels and then go virtually dark for sixty years and then all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey, lookie everyone what I just found here attached to the back of one of the bestest novel manuscripts in the history of novel manuscripts!”

Yeah, I know… Weird.

And not to mention all the weird that surrounds her bestest first novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Some even speculate that she didn’t even write it – or at least most of it; that her bestest buddy Truman Capote, in an effort to win her lifelong affection – because we all know the great TC was all about being liked – wrote it for her.

Anyway… Who knows.

Sure wish I did.

But in the absence of knowledge, let’s make up some weird.

For today’s WEIRD WEDNESDAY prompt…

Write something weird, be it a poem, limerick, essay, flash fiction (750ish words or less), stream of consciousness, whatever, about a secret meeting between Harper Lee, Truman Capote, and JD Salinger for the purpose that is yours to determine.

And by the way, by weird I do not mean perverse regardless how well this opportunity of a prompt may provide for it. Just saying…

This may explain things a bit about the prompts.
This provides some Harper Lee context.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions for the prompts please. All comments welcome for the selection when published, however.
Please “Like” those submissions you like.

It should be noted that, as stated on the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.


An Ode to a First True Love… Selection

The books I loved best as a child
I bet were loved also by many of you.
They told of tales sweet, silly, and wild,
As penned by the great Sendak, Suess, and Reys, two.

But as the years passed and I grew a bit older
I left such childish tales behind.
As I grew fonder of stories much bolder
That came in the comic book kind.

And then soon comics I also outgrew
As I zipped through my age of the teens.
Words read in leisure were then but few
For leisure was found in new and various means.

In my twenties my first Literary Love was found,
And it is to this Love I tribute this ode.
Its author to the Beats he is bound
And its story will forever be On The Road.

(What a day…apologies for the delay)

So, who could objectively choose between two such different yet poetically perfect submissions?

They both speak to my subjective heart equally.

So it is to the Coin of Arbitration I must go…

Heads be Dancing Echo as she has the first submission;

And Tails be Josh Wrenn as there be no other choices for him to be.

And the flip…

And the catch…

And, on behalf of the Coin of Arbitration, it is my pleasure to present to you today’s MEMOIR MONDAY selection…

by Josh Wrenn

I must confess
To everyone here
They weren’t the best
Or anywhere near

Jets and sex
And war and guns
One book to the next
A series of fun

But in my young mind
Great works of art
A hero I’d find
In a world torn apart

What got me hooked?
It ain’t no baloney
The Wingman books
By Mack Maloney

Once again, a very big thank you to two powerfully prolific and most perfect of poets…

An Ode to a First True Love


For many of us – most I would presume – we were rather promiscuous before finding that first true love.

Without regard, and very often with hardly little or no desire at all, we’d go from one to another without ever once finding a connection or even a slightest pang of affection.

But then, from nowhere and completely unexpected, you find the one and everything opens up before you. You enter worlds you never imagined existed. You are forever changed. You have met your first true love.

For today’s prompt…

In an Alternate Rhyming Scheme (ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH), write an ode to your very first true love – first true literary love that is. Write an ode to the first book that truly opened up your heart to the love of literature and set you on a lifelong reading romance of passion and adventure…

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions for the prompts please. All comments welcome for the selection when published, however.
Please “Like” those submissions you like.

It should be noted that, as stated on the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.


The Man Crossing Lombard Street… Selection

– randomwordbyruth wins the Make Kurt Scratch His In Complete Befuddlement As He Tries to Comprehend the Linkage Between the Story and the Prompt award.

– Josh Wrenn comes in with another powerful submission. Josh’s story is set up perfectly in both tone and pace. I loved all the unknowns, especially the unknown of why all of a sudden the San Franciscans turned on the lonely man. I only wish it would have ended right after the unknown lonely man purchased the rope. For after that, everything becomes known and a bit too trite for me with the play on the Beatles song. I say this not to be publicly critical, but to publicly express how great I think the story is and to strongly urge Josh to consider submitting his story, after taking my public feedback under consideration, to a literary journal. Congratulations, Josh, on yet another fine piece of work.

Which takes us lastly to our first submission…

It is my pleasure to present to you tonight’s Flash Fiction Friday selection, which is yet another well written, powerful submission and one that is selected despite it implicating yours truly in a Big Brother role of sort. In fact, it just may have been selected for that spot-on implication because its presence is really felt and it adds a heavy layer of paranoia and wonderful creepiness to the story that might not otherwise have been there. The dialogue is perfect and the story is completely relevant to our times. Bravo, karen.

by karen rawson

“People oughta mind their own business, I say.” Henry raised a curled fist to his mouth and coughed into it.

“What people, Mr. Schmoll?”

“Them. Those people.”

“I see. Can you take a deep breath for me?”

Henry wheezed and brought up a rattling breath. Dr. Redmond tipped her head, listening. Congestion, for sure. But there was something strange in there. “How long have you had that cough, Mr. Schmoll?”

“Aw. I dunno.” He heaved and cleared his throat. “Awhile. That ain’t why I’m here. It’s the internet people. They’re bugging me.”

Dr. Redmond pulled back and eyed him. “What internet people?”

“The people! All the people, watching me. Writing stuff down. All the way down Lombard. Watching me. Goddamn people. They oughta mind their own business.”

“I see. And how long has this been the case?”

“Aw jeez. Aw jeez.” Henry shook one leg, pounded a fist on it. “Goddamn. Someone just wrote me a war injury. I wasn’t even in the war.”

The doctor took another step back. “Someone wrote you a war injury?”

“They say I live alone! I don’t live alone. I got family.”

The doctor backed to the door and reached back for the knob. “Mr. Schmoll, I’m going to consult another physician on this. Can you just sit tight until I’m back?”

Henry blanched and curled an arm around his stomach. “Okay then. But hurry. Someone just wrote me a bad case of indigestion. If you don’t hurry up, those goddamn people gonna write me to my grave.”

Thank you, Authors, for sharing your fine skills with us. Have a fantastic weekend.


The Man Crossing Lombard Street…


Write a 750ish words or less story based upon the photograph and tanka of the man crossing Lombard Street.

The Man Crossing Lombard Street

Who is he, that man,
Crossing Lombard Street alone?
Who is he, that man,

Head down and looking forlorn?
Just who is that lonely man?

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions for the prompts please. All comments welcome for the selection when published, however.
Please “Like” those you like.

It should be noted that, as stated on the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.


Saving the World… Thoughtful Thursday Selection

Requirements are such a pain, aren’t they?

I mean, why was it necessary for me to stipulate arbitrarily that today’s haiku must follow the 5/7/5 syllable count and also rhyme and illustrate a passionate cause?

Well, of course…because it makes the selection process all that much easier when those submissions do not meet the requirements set unto and forthwith, as well as erstwhile.


Anyway, there are some mighty fine haiku – and mighty funny too – that, unfortunately, either don’t rhyme or meet the syllable count or have a missing or misunderstood cause of passion and therefore don’t qualify…


But I will say a few words about the haiku that are not today’s selection for this or that or the other reason…

– I think it awesome how Queen J Hardy Carroll’s non-rhyming haiku speaks in the third person…as in the “Royal We.” Though I wonder about the Queen’s priorities when his “most passionate cause” appears to be that of dissing drum solos.

– Queen Clintington, with his non-rhyming and, judging against the prompt requirements, non-reasoning haiku wins the “Make Kurt Legitimately LOL” award. On top of that, I especially enjoy how the Queen orders his King about.

– Queen Josh Wrenn’s haiku is pure awesomeness, one I can empathize, sympathize, and actualize with, and it would be a definite selection contender had it not been missing a couple of letters critical to the overall effect of the poem. I’m not much of a cursing kinda guy, despite my sailorness, but sometimes, there are no better alternatives to a big, fat, juicy curse word when effectively deployed. And this haiku by Queen Josh is one of those sometimes in my estimation.

– Queen Myas’s beautiful wonderment of an extended haiku was out of bounds by the length of eight syllables or so.

– Queen Ritu wins the “Elision Award” for her effective use of “d’ya.”

– Had Queen MLJ’s procrastinating polite poem rhymed, as awesome as it is, whoa…

– Queen Mandy Moran, with her powerfully potent political haiku unfortunately did not rhyme; however, had she had followed the rules properly, her Realm of Anarchy would have been immediately delegitimized.

Which leaves us with one haiku. One of perfect parts, and of resounding rhymes, and, most critically, of profound and powerful poetry. And as a bonus, her passion of a cause in the form of today’s haiku is my passion of a cause in the form of today’s haiku. Awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Queens and Queens, it is my pleasure to present to you today’s Thoughtful Thursday selection…

by Queen Dancing Echoes

Gaia doesn’t play,
In the end She’ll have her way,
Earth will win the day.

Thank you all very much for sharing your incredible poetry with us… And as always, if you’re interested in receiving a digital edition of one of my Amazon selections as a gift for your participation…hit me up via the Contact page.


Saving the World, One Haiku at a Time

[Thoughtful Thursday Prompt]


If World's Queen Were I

If World’s Queen were I
Nature’s Reign would never die
On Her I’d rely

For today’s prompt…

Queens* of the World, tell us in a rhyming haiku what cause you are most passionate about.

The 5/7/5 syllable count must be adhered to.

Special consideration for those submissions accompanied by an original relevant photograph or artwork. Copyright responsibilities are assumed by the contributor.

And if I may have a quick word with my male friends…

Dudes, I hope your lack of participation in last Thursday’s prompt had nothing to do with the fact you must assume responsibilities as Queens of the World. I mean, come on… We forced our non-gender specific maleness down everyone’s throat, so to speak, in our literature since the beginning of the written word so it’s time for you to man* up and get over it already and let us know how you would make the world a better place if you lorded* over it as a Queen*.

Roger that?
Roger that.

*non-gender specific

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions please.
Please “Like” those you like.

It should be noted that, as stated in the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.


It’s Only “Weird” If… [Weird Wednesday Selection]

I are you and we are not Combat boots are left to rot Thrash the holy from the wheat Stack the stock in piles neat Refrain thy meek from honeyed dreams Sow thy saviors ‘tween the seams Left is up and down is fright The morn is black the black the light The night is ’til the way goes wrong The prisoner sings her victory song The song of prison the victor brings The victor’s prison the song shall sing — Not are we and you are I Wars of rot forever die Not are we and you are I Wars of rot forever cry Not are we and you are I Wars of rot forever lie Not are we and you are I Wars of rot forever try…

Blessed are the weirdos for weirdos all are we…

Well, this was fun. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful weird words with us.

Speaking of weird…

Did any of you notice how often the word “weird” is used in Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicles? It’s rather weird.


Yes, weird has a scale and some of you are a tad bit weirder than others.

Thankfully so, for it allows me great pleasure to present to you the weird that struck me the weirdest, which, in this context is a wonderful thing…

Its only weird……
Mandy Moran

I hear you ask for weird….
When all around is calm and still
There is no ripple in the waters light
Just the moon and its luminous reflection

How can I interpret weird….
Is not for lack of imagination
When suddenly the water erupted its sleep
With a crash of a hat and limb

The water felt hot like treacle
Pulling through its gulp
Bittersweet with its welcome hold
Lumps, glue, sticky and yet free

Time is but an essence
Each day bringing the weird and wonderful too
Give the weird a chance
For all things need a balance….

Capture the opposite, encounter the within
The moon has a light but dark prevails
Water will flow until its sealed
As we feel the weird from deep held in…….


Mandy, if you’re interested in a digital edition of one of my selections at Amazon let me know.

Thanks for all the wonderful weird everyone!


The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Selection]

sailors love but one
tho’ lonely a love it is
the sea’s seduction
port o’ calls are fleeting spells
hearts are broken with the bells

With but two submissions in response to today’s prompt, and with one, by my count, off by a syllable, seems my work has been completed already for me. And work well done it is…’tis, indeed.

It is my pleasure to present to you our tanka selection by Josh Wrenn…

Brandy good to drink
So smooth on my waiting tongue
Not good for liver
Never lonely with Brandy
Killing me but I can’t stop

Thank you very much to both authors for sharing their very fine poetry with us.


The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Prompt]

We know the Japanese poetical form tanka means short song, which is appropriate as it is a form of the broader genre waka, which, itself, is a form of song or verse. So for our first Tanka Tuesday I feel it fitting for the prompt to come from a song. And it is no ordinary song for it is a song of the sea, a song of love found, and a song of love lost.

Using the traditional Westernized syllable count version of the form – 5/7/5/7/7 – write a tanka inspired by one of the songs most loved by the sailor…well, at least this sailor – Looking Glass’s Brandy You’re A Fine Girl.

While your response to the song can be the result of wherever the song takes your heart and mind, the syllable count must be exact.

Submissions close at 7PMish and our selection will be published at 8PMish.

Please “Like” the ones you like, and then go visit the authors’s sites and maybe comment on some of their work there since no comments other than submission responses are allowed here.

This may explain things a bit about the Writing Challenge.

This may explain things a bit about the tanka.


Rub-a-dub-dub?! [Flash Fiction Friday Prompt]

You know, some of our fairy tales and nursery rhymes can really make one wonder. Well, at least they make me wonder. For instance, I really wonder what the heck the impetus was for the creation of Three Men in a Tub.

Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they were?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker,
They all sailed out to sea,
‘Twas enough to make a man stare.


But weird is cool because with it there often comes such wonderful possibilities. Such as the all the possibilities for the development of interesting back stories that bring light to such an odd, interesting poem.

And that weird also brings with it the possibility for today’s Flash Fiction Friday prompt.

Write a 750 word or less fully developed story that includes who the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker are, what their relationship with each other is, and the events and plot lines that lead up to and conclude right before the famous and oft-recited nursery rhyme begins.


A couple of logistical notes before we begin. I ask that henceforth all submissions for daily prompts be in by 7PMish each evening. That way I’ll have time to read through them and publish the selection by 8PMish.

And I also ask that there be no comments or other responses to the prompts other than prompt submissions. While I always love to hear from you, as witty and interesting and smart as you are, responses other than ones to the prompt kinda muddles things up a bit and will be deleted. Sorry ’bout that.


This is germane.


So I’ve been thinkin’…

Which is always a bit risky, I know.

But still, I’ve been thinking that since I am really digging all the artistic inspiration and beauty that has been outpouring from that little salon-like space of a newsletter full of love of ours lately (speaking of which, this evening around 8PMish I will present our Haiku Challenge selection along with a guest post from the author…I know, right. Awesomeness.) that perhaps we can bring some of that muse-like magic here to the blog, if you know what I mean.

So I’ve been thinking, which I may have already pointed out to you, that maybe we should start doing something similar – but different, of course – right here in this agora-like space of a blog full of love.

I was thinkin’ that maybe we could do one of those Daily Prompt Challenge thingies that we oh so often see happening all over the webarena…

Off the top o’ me noggin’ I was thinkin’ I’ll post a daily prompt each morning around 8AMish sometime in the morning, and then you all respond to the prompt by posting your prompted piece into the comment section of the prompt which was published prior (I’m getting dizzy), and then, after submissions close at 7PMish, I will select the piece that I feel best aligns with the spirit of the prompt and publish it around 8PMish that same evening. Kapish thus far?

Please no responses to prompts except prompt responses…huh? In other words, only prompt response submissions will be allowed in the comment section. All other comments will be deleted. I found with the Relating to Humans feature that comments and replies other than submissions muddle up the flow of things. So, apologies in advance if you write a kind comment that is not a submission response to a prompt and I end up deleting it.

In addition to having your piece published on the blog, if selected, I will also present to you a digital copy of one of my works published on Amazon. Author’s choice of book and digital format (mobi, epub, pdf).

We can start off with a two-week pilot program of sorts, beginning this Thursday, tomorrow. At the end of the pilot we’ll determine if it’s viable enough to continue. I’m hoping it is seeing how awesome and creative you all are on such a regular basis. But if it isn’t viable, then we’ll shut it down – no harm no foul, like.

So, off the top of me noggin’, here are the daily themes that I will prompt to and you will write to (subject to change based upon my whim and your feedback):

Memoir Monday – You will submit a reflection from your past in the form of your choice (poem, short essay, flash fiction, art, photography, etc.), as inspired by the prompt

Tanka Tuesday – You will submit a, you guessed it, tanka, as inspired by the prompt. Don’t know what a tanka is? Google does and s/he would be happy to explain.

Weird Wednesday – You will submit something abstract, avant garde, stream of consciousness perhaps, or whatever weird you can come up with in whatever form you wish to present your weirdness in, as inspired by the prompt.

Thoughtful Thursday – You will be writing as if you were Queen* of the World and submit a piece in a form of your choosing that reflects how you would make the world a better place, as inspired by the prompt.

Flash Fiction Friday – Blah blah blah, as inspired by the prompt.

Sonnet Saturday – Let’s get medieval! You will submit a, you guessed it, sonnet, as inspired by the prompt. And, as with the tanka, see Google for all knowable unknowns. Seeing how there were no submissions for Saturday’s prompt, this day, too, will be silent, thereby making both Saturday and Sunday a Wordless Weekend.

Silent Sunday – Remember that game our parents used to make us play as children? “Who can be the quietest?” Yeah, let’s take the day off on Sunday for some quiet time of prayer and meditation and internal rejuvenation…

It should be noted that, as stated in the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.

So, what do you think of my thinkin’? You diggin’ it? Yes, no, maybe so?

Let me know…


*non-gender specific