Kurt Brindley is an award-winning* author who likes to write stuff for you to read. Here, you can purchase his books for a small fee and peruse his short stories, poetry, articles, photography, and drawings all at a cost of nothing more than your invested time. However, if you feel a little guilty about getting stuff for free (meaning you’re probably a Gen-Xer or before), you are more than welcome to donate a little something for his efforts. On the other hand, if you feel a little outraged for having to have to purchase something (meaning you’re probably a Millennial or after), then send him an email through the Contact page and request/demand a copy of one of his books and he’ll send you one — for free. All he asks in return is for you to tell all of your friends on all of your social networks and everyone else via an Amazon Review how sublime and five-star-worthy his writing is.

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*the award was non-writing related