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And I bet you thought I couldn’t do it.

Am I right?






What are you looking for?

I said I was done.

Done like the setting sun…



I’m told to be polite to my teacher.
And of course, to my principal, as well.
If I’m smart I’ll be polite to the policeman,
Or he just might put me in jail.

I ought to be polite to the doctor,
Cuz she’s gonna cure my flu.
And I better be polite to the lawyer,
In case I ever get sued.

The rule, I’m told, is to be polite
To all the grownups I see.
But my own rule is I’ll be as polite
As the grownups are to me.

From Poem Man


Hey Author, what’s your book about?


So, I’ll soon be finishing up the story I’m currently reading (To see it, scroll down the sidebar on the left side of the page until you come to the CURRENTLY READING section. No, no…your left not mine!) and I’ll be wanting to read something else when I’m finished.

And I was thinking, which happens sometimes, usually right after eating leftover pizza for some strange reason (guess what I just had for lunch), and I was thinking, you know, I would really really like for the next book that I read to be yours.

And then I thought some more, well, if I’m going to read your book, how am I going to find out about it…

And then it hit me: Why, you can just tell me about it right here where we normally meet and chat from time to time.

It would certainly make it much easier and cut down on all the hassle and time it would take for me to seek out and find your book hidden amongst the verdant and pretty yet thickly tangled jungle of all the other book sites out there.

So, what do you say, Author? Can I read your book?

If so, then tell me, and by me I mean us, me and all of my reader friends who stop by on occasion for a visit.

Tell us a little bit about both your book and your writing self in the comments section. You know, a short synopsis of the story and a short Author bio. Include just enough stuff, and no more, that you think I’ll need to be compelled to tab right out of my cozy little site and rush off find your ode to literary perfection.

And after you convince me that your book is the book that I will be reading next, I will announce it here with a post and profile it in the CURRENTLY READING section until I choose my next book to read.

Which could be a while since I’m such a slow reader…

Anyway, after I read it, I promise I will write to the best of my ability a flowing (and maybe glowing, but glowing is not guaranteed) review for it both here and at Amazon.

Oh yeah, and Goodreads, too, I guess (I don’t have much going on there but my blog feeds into it automatically…I guess I can cut and paste the review, too, so it’s all proper like).

But I will review it here and at Amazon, guaranteed!

Sound good?


So starting now go ahead and tell me all about it.

Let’s keep it loose and have fun. Because, let’s face it…

This ain’t the Paris Review, that’s for sure.

This is the Anytown Review, for the real, the tangible, the down-to-earth writers and readers.

So keep it real, okay Authors?

I’ll leave the comments open on this post until I make a decision.

My current read is a short story so it may be soon.

But I am a pretty slow reader (did I already mention that?) so…who knows for sure.

Until then, check out my current read, The Note by author JOHN NORTHCUTT YOUNG.

And while you’re at it, you should stop by John’s website and say hello.

And if you decide to buy John’s short story, which I hope you do, remember to always tip your server…meaning John.

Meaning, please write a review for him, and by him I mean all Independent Authors like him…and you…and me.

I can’t wait to read your book!

Oh yeah, for all of you out there who are not authors (or if you are an author but do not intend to tell me about your greatness because you’re one of the (stereo)typical needy and insecure type of authors too shy to trumpet your own glories, which means most of us), i.e., Readers, I ask for your help in this little thing we’re getting going here.

If I’m fortunate enough to have authors leave comments about their work, I ask that you please read through the comments and “Like” the ones that sound compelling to you.

The final decision will be mine, but, since I am also one of those (stereo)typical needy and insecure type of authors who is easily swayed by public opinion, the chances are that the majority just might rule in the selection process.

But we’ll see…

I’m literally being propelled by my leftover pizza high and thinking this up as I type, so if you have any ideas or feedback, or just want to let me know what a pretentious jerk I am because where do I get off thinking I can be a gatekeeper of finely tuned literary masterpieces then, well, please let me know…


Let’s reserve that just for the Authors.

Please give me your highly anticipated ideas and suggestions via an email through the Contact page. Or just scroll down to the bottom of the Contact page and leave your comment there.



Well, that’s that then…

What do you say we do this?

Right on?



P.s. For an idea of what the final product will look like, template-wise, you can check out my published reviews here.

(Oh yeah, and BTW, we all know there’s nothing better in the world than free beer; however, free books come in a close second, wink wink. But free is definitely not a prerequisite…only a compelling story is. But I’m just sayin’…)



UPDATE #1 – Be advised, Authors, that too many links in your comment submission will put it in the spam wait queue so you will not see it until I approve it. (Yeah, if you read my “Pro” Tip about moderating and approving comments you know how that makes me feel.) I don’t care how many links you include, I just want you to know I have to approve those first …am I getting redundant? I’ll stop now…

UPDATE #2 – Hey Readers, please help me out by taking the time to read over the Authors’ submissions and clicking the Like button for the ones you like the best. Thank you.

UPDATE #3 – Just received word that the author of my current read is having a giveaway promotion until Oct 20. You can check it out at his site or get the free story here.

UPDATE #4 – Keep an eye on my Tagline Status Update. I’m tracking my progress there.

(For more information on Tagline Status Updates, check out the “PRO” TIP: HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WRITING RESOURCES – GUARANTEED! (QUICK TIP #1)


The Last Distraction

The Last Distraction

The boy didn’t wait for his father’s granted permission, he just shook his hand free and ran to the side of the road, to where the spring-time growth met the gravel. Unconcerned — they were walking a country road — the father kept his pace, and his mind on the unfortunate decision he would soon have to make. Low in the grass, yet unseen by the boy or even considered by the father, lay in wait the last thing either would ever fear.