HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps

Inspired by the reception the HOW NOT TO DIE article received, I have now made it available as an ebook edition which is now available, for the time being, exclusively at Amazon.

While staying true to form of the original article, I have updated the content for clarity and completeness. Additionally, I have included with the edition, relevant poetry from my newly released book of poetry Short Verses & Other Curses: Haiku, Senryū, Tanka & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany, as well as a selection of similarly themed short stories from my forthcoming release LEAVE: And Other Stories Short & Shorter.

Links to all the health-related articles that I have written and posted here can be found near the end of the book.

Finally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps will be donated monthly to my wife’s and my favorite charities and organizations committed to the curing and caring of those suffering from cancer and lung diseases.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Note: Even if you don’t have a Amazon Kindle or Fire, you can still read all Kindle products on your computer, tablet, or phone by downloading one of their free reading apps here.

10 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps”

    • If you send me an email through the contact page, I’ll send you a pdf version, if you like. If not, let me know in your email which format you prefer (Apple, etc.) and I’ll get it converted and send it out. — I enrolled it in Amazon’s KDP program so I could give it away upon release; however, it means I can’t publish it on Apple or other formats for three months. Apologies.

  1. Hello Kurt,

    Would you please send me a link to get your book, HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Steps PDF version so I can downloaded onto my hard drive? If the main spring don’t break! I would really like to read it and follow your tips on what to do, not to do, in our situations.

    I hope this finds you well. I’m not familiar with all of your history but from what I have read you been tested very soundly, and your armor has been found to be stronger than most, armored vehicles.

    I haven’t invested in any 20, not even 10 year treasury bonds, but I signed up for Blogging 101. I do not how long that takes, hope I’m around her graduation day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So long for now, keep your happy face on. Leland


    • Leland, thank you , my friend, for always making me smile. Unfortunately, I do not have a link to a pdf version, but if you send me an email through the contact page I’ll happily send you a copy. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on HappyNest in America and commented:
    Kurt Brindley was diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2009, received a bone marrow transplant in April of 2010, and, as a side-effect to the transplant, was diagnosed with an incurable, non-reversible, and highly fatal form of lung disease in November of that same year.

    Medical statistics did not give him much of a chance to survive.

    But he did.

    He believes he was able to survive this incredible journey he has been on this past five years because he regarded it not as a journey of despair, but as a journey of hope, and as a journey of new opportunities.

    And, while the journey has been filled with many overwhelming challenges and more than a little bit of pain, it has also been filled with many more rewarding experiences and life learning opportunities.

    And learn about life, he did:

    He learned many things, but he especially learned that love and happiness and kindness are all choices that can and must be made. And they must be made for each now for each successive moment one has left to live, however long it may be. For neither the past nor the future matter much when Death is hovering so closely by.

    This journey Kurt has been on this past five years could have been one that led him toward the ultimate end, but instead, it has taken him toward a new understanding of life and of how to live it, which ultimately means he now understands…

    How Not To Die.


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