So here’s my conundrum… update #1

Never could it have been anywhere even close to being within the realm of my boundless imagination prior to the commencement of the Republican Party’s primary season, which has come to be known affectionately as REPUBLICAN HATEFEST 2016 ~ Making America Great Again Through It’s Bigotry & Violence, that I would ever entertain the thought that Ted Cruz could be a moderate alternative to any other candidate.

Yet, here I am thinking just that.


Not that I am endorsing Cruz or even considering voting for him — I would vote for a dirty dish towel before voting for either him or that bigoted billionaire buffoon who is beating him handily in the race.

I’m just making the observation how utterly unbelievable and scary the Republican front-runners are.

I really hope John Kasich, the governor of my birth state, can get it together and pull out an upset at the Republican Convention. I continue to hold him in high regard compared to all other possibilities that either party has to offer at this point.

Although, I do take very seriously Trump de Drumpf’s hardly veiled threat that there may be riots if he isn’t anointed as the Republican nominee.

And so do others…


This is a recent facebook post of mine address specifically to my friends…

So here’s the deal from now until November, provided I can last on facebook that long because it already is really hard for me to bear all the vitriolic political bs streaming around…

If I regard you as a friend, a real friend and not just a fb friend, and it appears to me that you are a ‪#‎Trump‬ supporter – just him, not any of the other candidates for president – then I will be dogged in my commitment to overwhelming you with reason and compassion each time you post anything that comes close to regarding Trump’s candidacy in a positive way.

Because I simply cannot believe that someone with all their faculties in place can actually be a supporter of his intolerant, violent political platform… and I refuse to believe someone who I know and whose friendship I value could support such a thing.

Friends do not let friends drive drunk… or support Trump.






Say it like you mean it

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