Big changes in my life may be soon pressed upon me... While not inevitable, these changes are highly probable... Ergo, in anticipation, I shall press big and immediate changes upon this website and blog.     #prayfortheagentsofchange    

Location 444

  It seems I'm always seeing the number 444. According to the internet, it seems that I'm not alone in these frequent numerological sightings... Sometimes, it seems that things are not always as they seem... But usually they are.   #prayforthenumerologists  

Gotta Have It

In honor of his internment (finally), I present my favorite song of George Michaels' rendered properly by the one-time angriest of the angry white boy wannabe rappers, Limp Bizkit.   #prayforgeorgemichaels #andangrywhiteboys  

London ❤

I fell in love with London in 2005. My heart yearns always to return to it... And aches presently from its pain.   #prayforlondon #resistthehate   From Monet's Houses of Parliament series courtesy of Wikipedia  

Any Fans?

  Been wanting to read this for a long time but now that I finally have it... I find its presence rather... intimidating.   #prayforthetimidreaders    

Meet Pioneering Stunt Woman Debbie Evans

From her official website: Debbie Evans, veteran of hundreds of motion-picture, television, and commercial stunts has been featured in numerous publications such as the LA Times, Reader's Digest, Glamour Magazine, Cycle World, Dirtbike, and on television shows like Montel, ESPN, Winning Women, and Entertainment Tonight. Debbie was inducted October 2003 into the AMA Motorcycle Hall …

Saving Apollo Sundays

  My son is the cellist. Yes, I am expecting you to support my son and his band with sustained vigor. :)   FOLLOW SAVING APOLLO, YO! YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK   #indiepopunkrockersrock  

The Coathangers

Back in the last millennium during the age of analog and airmail a buddy of mine used to subscribe to CMJ, a music magazine that with each monthly issue would include a "mixtape" CD (ah, CDs, back when life was much simpler and slower) jam packed with singles from new and up and coming bands. …

The Profits

With words full of mystical might Wise Prophets forebode unto thee Thine future of terrors and frights For only a nominal fee   #prayforthespindoctors  

Shades of LOVE from Women’s March in Jakarta

This is an immensely powerful post celebrating determined women of determined personal and collective courage.

Please visit the clubPAW website and show them your support.



Our friends in Jakarta, Indonesia organized a women’s march this Saturday (4 March 2017) morning in front of the Presidential Palace. One of clubPAW authors participated in the march to witness LOVE in what was really the start of something historic in Jakarta. Not just that, now clubPAW has stories from some people we got the chance to talk to.

We at clubPAW believe that the women’s march movement that has shined like sunlight to many major and small cities globally signifies something larger; a hope. A hope that there many who are still persevering in the fight for equality and love. Nay-sayers will always be there and the only way to turn them to our side is by engaging in healthy dialogues and exchanging ideas. There will always be people who look down on our efforts but remember that good will does not expect anything in return. At least…

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Meet the First Woman Sculptor of African-American and Native American Heritage to Achieve International Fame

Also known as, Wildfire FROM THE SMITHSONIAN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM: Edmonia Lewis, the first professional African-American sculptor, was born in Ohio or New York in 1843 or 1845. Her father was a free African-American and her mother a Chippewa Indian. Orphaned before she was five, Lewis lived with her mother's nomadic tribe until she was …


WOMENSHISTORYMONTH.GOV National Women’s History Month 2017 Theme: “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business” NWHP.ORG ★ ★ ★ Japan’s Business Federation Sent This All-Female Delegation to the Trump White House via Fortune  

Sticking It To The Man: A Cultural Response





Actus Magazine

By Abigail Gilson 

There is a reinvigorated cultural response to the current political dysfunction on the rise. Artists from around the world have mobilised together to troll Trump by creating controversial protest paintings, sculptures, and murals- and they’re holding nothing back. There is no limit of political satire nor hues of orange in these depictions of the U.S president however their outright messages have provoked censorship across social media sites (so much for free speech, eh) and even the administration has threatened particular artists with litigation. Alas, all is not lost with this dose of cultural reassurance: here are five distorted versions of D.T that are sure to make protest-art great again.  

Emotional Downloads by James Ostrer

1168536(Donald Trump), ED 213M

This grotesque rendition of Donald Trump is not for the soft-stomached as it is curated completely from raw meat, fish, chewed up pieces of croissant and drizzled in…

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What Will It Take?

I've lost several fb friends and many followers here because of my relentless fixation on Trump's autocratic aspirations and the similarities between his rise to power with Hitler's. I ain't gonna lie to you -- I've often in the past second-guessed myself and wondered if I, in fact, wasn't just being too alarmist and snowflake-like …

Agnes Obel*   You're welcome. ★ ★ ★ *Discovered this amazing singer on The Long Road to Cali

Transgender Community* Trumped by the Arc and Bent of Autocratic Politics

WARNING! THIS IS A LONG POST: AS IS THIS ONE: My fury throughout the whole last campaign to and through the election until now has never been much about politics. Politics in this country, while they have been expanding outward toward the wacky fringes leaving the mostly moderate radicals (the rarity of moderates these days …

“Post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to our current affairs section”

I wish I were smart enough to be able to claim this post's eye/brain-catching headline as my own. But, alas, I cannot because I got it from this read-worthy #longread of an article written by John Feffer, a journalist and author who, with his read-worthy article, attempts to (in subtle sublimity) -- and in my …

Inside the National Museum of African American History & Culture

President Trump visited our nation's newest national museum today and provided a few remarks afterwards, a video of which can be found below. I have not yet visited the museum so I spent some time learning a bit about it. I found several interesting videos that provide a narrative insight alongside a look inside the …

Meet our 2016 National Book Award Winner

Colson Whitehead was born in 1969, and was raised in Manhattan. After graduating from Harvard College, he started working at the Village Voice, where he wrote reviews of television, books, and music... COLSONWHITEHEAD.COM 2016 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER “[A] potent, almost hallucinatory novel... It possesses the chilling matter-of-fact power of the slave narratives collected by …