Writing Advice from Questionable Characters

"Hell, man, I know very well you didn't come to me only to want to become a writer and after all what do I really know about it except you've got to stick to it with all the energy of a benny* addict."   ~ Dean Moriarty from ON THE ROAD #amwriting #ofthejournals   *Benzedrine, … Continue reading Writing Advice from Questionable Characters

Table Scraps

What do you do with the scraps of wood that have been cluttering your garage for over a decade?

Well, I make me a highly unsightly yet highly functional bed desk and manuscript holder in an effort to make the sorrowful task of writing a little less sorrowful, and from which I posted this self-aggrandizing semi-selfie (it has my feet in it anyway). Anyway... Write on! #amwriting #screenplays  

No Mind, No Attachment

The Mind in its dimensions is broad and great, like empty space. It has no sides or limits, it is neither square nor round, neither large nor small. It is neither blue, yellow, red, nor white; it has neither upper nor lower; it is neither long nor short. It knows neither anger nor pleasure, neither … Continue reading No Mind, No Attachment

Maybe Elon has a point…

While I'm a big admirer of Elon Musk and all he's been able to accomplish, I've always been a bit skeptical about his alarmist rhetoric regarding Artificial Intelligence's threat to humanity, seeing it more as a means for him to groom future volunteers for a one-way ticket to a Mars colony. Not a bad strategy, … Continue reading Maybe Elon has a point…

What’s My Name, Again?

And here I thought it was going to be such a dramatic hassle to change the name of my novel from The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor to Inside the Skin. I mean, I've been wanting to change it for quite a while now but kept putting it off thinking it would take a … Continue reading What’s My Name, Again?

It is with a Heavy Heart that I Bid a Sad Adieu

I came up with the title of my novel, The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor, early on in its development and I have grown to love it as I have any other part of my existence, such as my left pinkie finger, my crooked nose, my restless and weary soul. However, after seven years … Continue reading It is with a Heavy Heart that I Bid a Sad Adieu

An Ode to Elon

[Best when sung to the tune of "Froggy Went A Courting"] The Man on Mars ain't lookin' at the stars He's thinkin' 'bout wars And how to power cars There's money to be made In the inter-planet trade Can't wait to start the raid The Man on Mars ain't thinkin' 'bout Earth Cuz that tired … Continue reading An Ode to Elon

LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter


I'm happy to announce the release of my fifth book, a short story collection entitled: LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter. Within the collection, there are 30 stories new and old. Some are short in length as are traditional short stories, and some are shorter in length, as are the more contemporary flash fiction … Continue reading NEW RELEASE

What is Gotham Trying to Say about Interracial Marriages?

Even though I grew up a comic book nerd, I'm pretty much over all the Marvel/DC Comics superhero movies. I used to watch them religiously at the movie theater - because if one must watch a big budgeted bloated bonanza of bombastic visual proportions, then it must be watched while on the big screen - … Continue reading What is Gotham Trying to Say about Interracial Marriages?

Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

I watched this video, remembering "fondly" how utterly incompetent Dubya was and how utterly destructive and deadly his administration was, yet never once being suspicious that he was pining whole-heartedly to become Autocrat-in-Chief (I did have my suspicions about Dick Cheney, though) or fearing he was set on undermining the American Way of Life just … Continue reading Instead of watching last night’s Altered State of the Union address…

Devolution, Baby

god's creation procreation fornication population isolation mass migration and starvation revelation supplication congregation holy nation manipulation inquisition forced conversion revolution constitution world solution institution goal dilution mass confusion and delusion mind erosion soul implosion greed explosion wealth variation truth evasion love deletion hate invasion new invention good intention no prevention from extension of construction to … Continue reading Devolution, Baby

Now that I’ve the Time

A couple days ago, I wrote a painfully long post called The Irrepressible Nature of Irony. I mean, dude*, it is a massive monster of a missive. I mean, wow. Anyway, as a mea culpa, of sorts, for torturing you with such interminablely tedious twaddle, I left a footnote that reads: To paraphrase a quote … Continue reading Now that I’ve the Time

Piddling Over An Abstraction

Have you got five minutes to spare? No? No time, you say? Okay, if you had the time, what would you do with it? Take your time and think. I'm in no rush for I, personally, have all the time in the world. Please stop looking at your watch phone. Try to judge time's movement … Continue reading Piddling Over An Abstraction

The Irrepressible Nature of Irony*

Or, Nothing Is As It Appears To Be If you were to do a search on my site for the word "irony" -- and why would you? -- but, if you were to, of the ten results you would receive, the first three would have the word "irony" in their heading, so it's easy to … Continue reading The Irrepressible Nature of Irony*