No More

I finished a new book last summer and, in an inexplicable fit of delusion, I decided to try to have it published traditionally and submitted it to several independent publishers. Yeah, guess how that’s gone so far… Anyway, in the interim since finishing that presently wayward and unwelcomed novel, I have been unable to home … Read more

Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Spirit of the Dance

Lately, ever since the earthquake succeeding, apocalyptic-inducing solar eclipse in fact, it has been nothing but blustery low-pressure days of rain and wind and dark gloomy clouds in my secluded hilly hood down in Southern Pennsyltucky. Well, we all know how those old saws go – In like a lion and out like a lamb, … Read more

As the Speare Shakes…

We all know William Shakespeare, right, perhaps the biggest ball within the entire round of the Western Canon… Now, I’m far from being a Shakespeare aficionado, and even farther away from being one who has read and/or watched all the great Bard has, apparently, plumed for us, but I’m no Shakespearean slouch either. And as … Read more

Stephen King has words…

A lot of them. Usually that’s okay because he is such a great storyteller, one, I believe, who (whom?) deserves to be appreciated literarily well beyond the horror genre. Few can convey the human condition, its perils, its pleasures, as well as he. But, to me, his overzealous output of words is always a fine … Read more

Chekov, as timeless as is endless life’s coil of mortality

“Uncle Vanya,” to me, just like all of the Chekov I have had the pleasure to read, which, unfortunately, is not yet all that he has gifted us, is simply about our fear of death, the fear of our suddenly being planted into the soil to become nothing more than worm dirt without ever having done anything of lasting value, of becoming, in a sense, immortal…

The Pretense of Arthouse Movie Pretention

If you are of the persuasion to roll your eyes and shake your head in dismissive disbelief when hearing the terms arthouse or slow cinema, wondering how anyone could suffer through such pretentious nonsense, perhaps a la El Toro as discussed in a couple of blathering posts ago, then you need to watch something/anything from … Read more

Jodorowsky’s Doom

The MSN stalker bots do their job well and today I was easily hooked with a well-baited article entitled The Greatest Cult Movie Classics of All Time. All the usual suspects are on the list of course: The Big Lebowski, Plan 9 From Outer Space… And of coure The Rocky Horror Picture Show tops the … Read more

Should he stay or should he go?

Anyone who has spent even the slightest miniscule of moment in time around here knows what I think about that question… However, after listening to most of the Supreme Court hearing yesterday (yeah, I know, I know… I need to get a life obvs) but be that as it may, it didn’t take long for … Read more