Rainy Season has ended…

At least as the title of one of my books.

Rainy Season
Romance Noir

I am partial to the title, as it is quite representative of the literal climate of the story’s Tokyo setting as well as the story’s dark, metaphorical mood, so putting it out to pasture was not an easy decision to make.

However, after trying several different covers in a futile effort to get the book noticed, I decided it was time to take more extreme measures.

I am pleased to introduce to you:

When Broken Hearts Break
Romance Noir

With the heartbroken shards of a shattered past lodged deep within his soul, falling in love is the last thing a mysterious American expatriate in Tokyo is looking to do, especially with an alluring jazz club singer shrouded in vague mysteries of her own…

And to celebrate its new name and look, it, and all the rest of my books, are free all day at Amazon.


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