LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter

LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter

Within this collection, there are 30 stories new and old. Some are short in length as are traditional short stories, and some are shorter in length, as are the more contemporary flash fiction stories. Some were written as recently as this past winter; others, as long ago as the early ’90s. Many have been published previously on my website and other places, but there are several new stories that have not yet been released until now.

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Praise for the short story LEAVE

“What a surprise. I was expecting a testosterone-infused​ missive about a bunch of sailors. I found [it] an interesting take on the impact of the first female sailors. An added bonus was the thoughtful observation regarding sensitivity training. Mr. Brindley probably could have written the manual on sensitivity training as evidenced by the passage in the story about a mother and son.” ~ JoAnn Williams

“This story was gritty and realistic in its portrayal of the changes required when women were first put in combat situations. It is short but makes you think about what they had to endure and the adjustments to mindset of the men.” ~ Nancy Vaughn

“So vivid in its telling. I felt like I was a fly on a wall observing the “boys will be boys” banter aboard this ship.” ~ KL

Praise for other stories in the collection


“Dark, seductive, compelling writing. It goes nowhere, and it goes everywhere. Don’t stop.” ~ zeeculego

“The compelling images, the flowing structure, and exact use of language move your story smoothly. It is beautifully done.” ~ theenglishprofessoratlarge


“Really beautiful, magnetic pros that just draws you in.” ~ cid andrenelli

“Such a beautiful and yet sad story. I could feel sympathy for the little girl.” ~ barking dog


“Disgusting, realistic, dark! I love it! I’m not normally into military type stuff but it feels real, you’ve created a pretty effective atmosphere. It’s refreshing to come across something a little darker.” ~ catwritespoetry

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