No matter how bad it gets…

And it has gotten extremely bad lately…

I guess there is some comfort to be found in knowing…

That it could always get worse.


Not sure if I have the imaginative capacity, or fortitude, to imagine how.

Hope I don’t.

But, still, here we are, despite it all, moving forward…

Even if it’s just at the most timid and extremely infinitesimal pace.

Because we must.

And we shall.

So yeah, in the midst of all this, all this being our latest global nightmare of ___________ [fill in the blank]*, I finally managed to do something I have been wanting to do pretty much since the onset of the past global nightmare of ___________ [fill in the blank].

Actually, that’s not really true; I’m not sure there is any relationship of me finally deciding to migrate my website from its previously hosted location to here, your present location, with any of the past global nightmares.

In fact, I believe it was the onset and aggressive persistence of the global nightmare of Trump and his cult that chased me away from any sort of online presence and left my last location abandoned to the crickets.


Here we are, you and me.

Together again.

It’s good to see you. Thanks for stopping by my new digs.

You may have noticed, now that I’m self-hosting my own site, I have neatly included a cozy bookstore from where I can personally sell my own books.

Not that I have any expectation of selling much, at least I know I am no longer wholly dependent upon our Amazon overlord.

Not like I was selling much there anyway.

So, as I work to get the bugs out of my new store, I’ll go ahead and keep my ebooks free for a while. And if you feel so inclined, I ask that you “buy” these free ebooks and test out the system for me, you know, the product selection, the financial transaction (despite them being free, one must still abide by the system), and the product download, and all that kind of economic rigmarole.

So yeah, hook a kindred Inquisitive Soul up, how ’bout?

I plan to be offering print and hardcopies as well. I think I will use Lulu. Any suggestions? Lessons learned? I’m not really looking forward to dealing with all the gutters and bleeding, if you know what I mean. But I suppose I must if I want to make this a legit bookstore.

I guess that’s about all for now.

Feels good to be back.

I missed you.

*I choose all the above

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