Empty Words of the Privileged

It’s hard to believe so many people have to live so miserably in the richest, most powerful country in the world.

This has become cliché and empty to say, especially from those of us speaking from our privilege, but since there are so many pockets of wretched poverty all around the country such as described in the following article, it’s hard not to say it.

Courtesy New York Times

“Hundreds of miles of roads are unpaved, so it can take up to three hours to get a sick person to help. It’s difficult to self-isolate because families live in one-room homes called hogans. Up to 40 percent of Navajo households don’t have running water, making it hard to wash hands. Cellphone service and Wi-Fi are limited, so it’s difficult to keep in touch and to get information about the epidemic.”

A Life on and Off the Navajo Nation, New York Times, May 13, 2020


11 thoughts on “Empty Words of the Privileged”

  1. I’ve wrote you a poem called [Soon as “Home”]:

    I’ve slept rough under the stars and in a warm bed,
    There’s things I’ve done and things been said,
    When down some things played havoc with my mind,
    Soon as “Home” it takes for granted Peace and Kind.

      • You know I’ve thought back to times when I’ve lived in comfortable places, but that my mind was shot to pieces with longing to not be there. Then there’s been times when inner peace has been in the most desperate to see from the outside. I really do think that “Home” isn’t a place, but a feeling that you really can take lots of things for granted, but that it’s called thankful and appreciated… Worry is such a horrid robber of it all, that and longing. May we all see these for what they are.

  2. I’ve been reading about the Native Americans and the threat of Coronavirus. This country hasn’t respected them since the day we set foot on their land. It angers and saddens me that some things never change. Thanks for posting this article.


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