Donor Update – 1/20/10

Email excerpt from my Bone Marrow Donor Coordinator:

When dealing with national and international registries it takes a long time compared to family members who arrive ASAP.

World Wide I only found 8 potential matches; of samples we requested we only received 2 of them this week; they are in typing now. I do not know when the others will arrive or if they are available; we have not heard anything from the other 6.

In a perfect world I will have 3 matches but we will not know until the Class II and High Resolution typing is complete if they match. If I find 3 matches I will put them on hold.

7 thoughts on “Donor Update – 1/20/10”

  1. How does the family members arrive asap? I talked to your mother, to get more information, and she told me to call your sister but she never called me back.

    • Hi Alana!
      In this situation, by family members it is meant my sisters. The Donor Coordinator screened all of my sisters at my hospital so they were able to get the results back asap. Typically siblings are the best odds for a match so my insurance covered their screening and the donor office screened them locally. All other donors have to be screened either through their own doctors or during a bone marrow drive and enter the program via the national registry. Does this answer your question? I’m still learning about all of this myself.

  2. Let’s pray one of those possibles will be a match. I was praying so hard that we would be a match.

    Hope you are doing okay after yesterday.


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