It used to be fun, and, quite frankly, quite therapeutic to release a rant or two around here back in the good ol’ days.

Any guesses to as when I’m referring to the “good ol’ days?”

Yeah… exactly.


Before the Catastrophic Era of Trump

But now, in these far less than good ol’ days…

One rants at one’s own risk.


Discourse these days, no matter how slight, brings with it potentially mortal consequences.

Because with any discourse there is high probability of disagreement.

And any disagreement these days in our less than United States…

Brings with it a high probability of physical alterations…

And/or the threat of death…

And/or death.

For instance, just do a search for “death threats” on any friendly neighborhood search engine and see what you find.

Actually, don’t…

The results are quite disheartening and I don’t want to be responsible for any further dissing of the hearts.

Too much of that already.

Although, I guess this entry in and of itself just adds more weight to the dissing pile.

My apologies.

But this isn’t new news, our inability to agree to disagree with dignity and respect…

Just exceedingly persistent.

And I just had to get this rant, as oblique and tepid as it is…

Off my disheartened-filled chest.

You know…

For therapeutic reasons.


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